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Latest release: v1.1.0.4
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AssaultCube is a free, open source, first person shooter based on the popular Cube FPS. It is multi-platform and low on system and networking requirements. It is set in realistic looking environments with fast and fun gameplay. AssaultCube can be found on Wikipedia. Feel free to check out the AssaultCube's homepage.


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If you have a problem or a question, try reading the AssaultCube Documentation.

If your question is still not answered, you might want to check the frequently asked questions, search the forum or ask a question in Internet Relay Chat. The IRC Channel Guide will aid you.

For getting the quickest, most helpful and most likely a correct response to your question you should follow a few simple guidelines. It might be useful to read up on how not to be a Help Vampire and how to Ask Smart Questions. However, a quick run-down of the main points in mind you should keep is:

  • Inform us of what your operating system is and what modifications (if any) have been made.
  • Provide the give the specifics of your hardware and software involved - usually graphics and audio cards, chipsets and their driver revisions.
  • Provide us with information of how you obtained AC or other packages - from SourceForge, GetDeb, Debian repositories?
  • Describe, in detail, and reproduce your error and provide as much insight into what you think might cause the error or issue.
  • If you have output (console or screenshot), then make sure it is verbose and provide that.


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