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How do I open the console?

Push the forward slash key (/), or push T and type / before entering your command. Both will have the same effect; any text starting with a / will be interpreted as a command. Another option is to use the tilde key, which is located above the Tab key.

Messages are disappearing too fast!

Push F11 to view the past 18 messages. You can also use the - (minus) key on the numpad (not the number row!) to scroll back up to see older messages. Remember to push + on the numpad to scroll back down when you're done, or you will not see new messages immediately. You do not need to push + more than once because it will scroll all the way down the first time you press it.

There is a sound lag when playing AC on my linux box

Make sure your libsdl was compiled with OSS support, i.e. try apt-get install libsdl1.2debian-oss if you are running a debian-like OS.

The sound keeps disappearing on Windows

This is a known bug with ricochet sounds in version 1.2; type /bulletairsound 0 in-game. Alternatively, go to Settings -> Sound Settings -> Mute/Un-mute specific sounds... -> Bullet/explosion sounds. Uncheck "Bullet near-miss". If you must have ricochet sounds, try renaming the OpenAL file in \bin_win32. It's called openal32_RemoveThisPartToUseOpenAL-Soft(.dll if you have file extensions on); rename it to openal32(.dll). It may produce error messages in the HUD, but sounds will remain.

The game runs extremely slowly

Check the recommended graphics settings in the readme.

How do I get a different weapon?

Press the B key and choose your favorite. You can also type /showmenu weapons if you have accidentally assigned another command to B. To rebind the menu to B, type /bind B [showmenu weapons].

Why can't I fire the pistol very fast?

This is a common problem on Linux and is not specific to AssaultCube. Edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and set the value of Emulate3Buttons to no.

On Ubuntu 8.10, it seems that editing xorg.conf no longer has an effect on the emulate3buttons setting. I've posted a thread to try and find a solution to the issue, here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1013430

The game crashes randomly

On Windows, you may see a box saying, "ac_client.exe has encountered an error and needs to close." Unless this happens every time you try to start the game, there's nothing you can do about it.

On Linux, NVIDIA's drivers have a bug that causes the game to freeze up. The easiest way to fix this without rebooting your system is to restart Xserver (Ctrl-Alt-Backspace). However, you will lose anything you had open and hadn't saved, so you should look up how to list and end processes in Linux using the terminal from a different session (Ctrl-Alt-F1,F2,F3, et cetera).

Why does use of my scroll wheel cause delayed aiming and difficulty using menus?

This is a problem specific to Linux, and it's not only highly annoying, but it will also keep you from playing well. It's even worse than the pistol firing problem. Luckily, there's a known solution.

Open assaultcube.sh, and after #!/bin/sh, add the following lines:

export SDL_VIDEO_X11_MOUSEACCEL="1/1/1"

How do I fix this error message?

If you're getting missing "]" or missing ")" or unknown command messages for things that used to work, or are parts of the release package, then some mal-formed CubeScript has found it's way into your auto-saved CubeScript-CFG config/saved.cfg.

You will need to (re-)move it while the engine is off - it get's written on a regular quit - and make sure your config/autoexec.cfg is not running any scripting either. Remember to check both the game-installation folder as well as your personal-installation folder!

Where do I put my personal files?


If you have a .cfg file containing CubeScript, then you are going to want to add your file in the \config directory with all of the other AssaultCube .cfg files. From there you must now let AssaultCube know that you have placed a new .cfg file in your config folder. To do this, lets pretend you named your .cfg file myscript.cfg. Edit \config\autoexec.cfg with a program such as notepad and at the bottom of autoexec.cfg, add in exec config\myscript.cfg and save.


Enter your \packages\models directory. Any weaponry will then go into your weapons directory, mapmodels in your mapmodels directory and so on. Please understand that other players will not be able to see any alterations you make unless they make the same alterations such as downloading and installing the same content you have just added to your own game.


Have you just downloaded a custom map? You should now have a .cfg file and a .cgz file. Simply open \packages\maps and place both files in there. Do you run AssaultCube servers? Directly upload your map to all servers (By default) by opening \packages\maps\servermaps\incoming and drop both files in that directory.

Where is my game-home?

With USER being your login-name, and X and Y replaced appropriately for your version of AssaultCube you can find them:

  • for linux or Mac OS X in /home/USER/.assaultcube_vX.Y/
  • for Windows under ?MYDOCUMENTS?\AssaultCube_vX.Y

On the Mac "Launcher App" you can use the appropriate button in it's menu to open up your personal-installation folder! You pass the information of this home via the launcher (Mac:gui, Win:.bat-file, *nix:.sh-file) - the argument is --home=/path/to/dir; you can use this to easily hold your scripting, maps and other game-media - it's contents will override the installation-folder versions of files. This makes moving to a different AC version easy and it also allows you to try out replacement media without having to do manual backups of the originals .. just drop a new packages/crosshairs/default.png in there and give it a whirl.

You might also be interested in the details on the page on saved.cfg, which also "lives" in your game-home.

Why do I get this message: "Cannot connect to master server"?

This can be for a number of reasons.

  • Check that you are running the most recent version of AC. You can check this by typing /version in game and comparing that result to the number listed on this page: http://assault.cubers.net/
  • Make sure that no firewall is blocking AC from contacting the masterserver.
  • Try adding --mastertype=0 to your launcher script. See This post on the AssaultCube forums for more information.

The AssaultCube Masterserver (ACMS) also runs what is called a central blacklist, also known as CBL. You may fall in one of the bans that is on the blacklist.

  • If you have cheated, then you are most likely banned. Either play offline, or play another game.
  • If you have not cheated, you probably fall in a range ban. Make a post here on the AssaultCube forums about it.