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Version 1.1's release saw the introduction of the Master server (MS) Central blacklist (CBL). This list's aim is to reduce the immediate impact of the cheats, and to attempt to remove proven cheats from the game. Players reported for persistent other offences such as abusive language, racism, impersonation, tag abuse, team killing, etc., can be also added. Servers can also be prevented from registering on the MS.

Player bans

Players are added to the list when they are shown to have used a cheat in a public server. Such cheats are reported in the forums' Blacklist thread, and the newer _Obvious_ Cheats thread. A cheater receives a permanent ban, with a possibility of a reduction to three months, if it was first time when the player cheated and he will contact the developers and promise to not cheat again. Each such request will be consider individually. If a cheat is reported for a second offence the player is added to the CBL permanently.

In extreme cases players may be added to the CBL if they are deemed to be highly offensive or a major irritant to the playing community. A minimum one month ban will be applied, increasing to 3 months for repeated offences, and permanent ban in extreme cases.

One advantage of the CBL over individual server bans is that CBL bans can be applied to all servers that register with the MS, removing the need for server owners to constantly check the forums. It is also updated several times a day.

Some cheats are not added to the CBL, if it is thought that the ban would have no affect on the player or the playing public. A player should not be assumed 'clean' just because they are not put on the CBL for their offence.

These are not the rules for how players are blacklisted, and never have been. They are not even de facto rules, to be interpreted as such. Some administrators of the blacklist are of the opinion that cheating is never a mistake, and that there is no place in this game for those who make the decision to do so, for however long, to whatever degree. Some cheats may find that after a long period of being able to play, they suddenly cannot access the server list. This, too, is not a mistake.

Server bans

The CBL also has a facility for preventing servers from registering with the MS, making those servers invisible to the clients. This is used when servers violate certain rules that are indicated in the game's server documentation. The following could lead to a server being banned:

  • Gameplay-affecting modifications - As an open source project AssaultCube welcomes modifications that are of benefit to the players. However, these must not alter any aspect of gameplay (eg. damage values, game physics, respawn times).
  • Unvarying map rotation - This is not too strict; only single map/mode maprots and those with fewer than three maps running the same mode are of concern.
  • Advertising in the server name - Publicising a clan or tournament is fine; broadcasting a porn-site domain is not.
  • Excessive registrations - Some server owners are dedicated and provide an excellent service for the community; spamming 20 or more servers to get your name recognised is not the same thing.
  • Low quality maps in maprot, [especially] when they are significant part in maprot - see more details on Servers banned from Master Server
  • Blinking/flashing server name - Don't do this!

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