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Weapon Reload time (ms) Time between shots (ms) Damage Armor Piercing Bullet spread % Shots to kill Ammo Ammo on spawn Ammo from pickup Time to kill (ms) [note 1] Frags gained
Knife 0 500 50 100 0 2 infinite infinite - 500 2
Pistol 1400 160 18 0 53 6 10/100 20 60 800 1
Carbine 1800 720 60 40 10 2 10/20 30 15 720 1
Shotgun 2400 880 up to 155 0 45-75 varies 7/21 28 14 instant 1
Submachine Gun 1650 80 16 0 45 7 30/90 90 60 480 1
Sniper Rifle[note 2] 1950 1500 82 25 50 2 5/15 20 10 1500 1
Assault Rifle 2000 120 22 0 18 5 20/60 60 40 480 1
Grenade 1000 650 200 0 - varies 3 0 1[note 3] varies 1
Akimbo[note 4] 1400 80 18 0 53 6 10/100 - 60 400 1
  1. Assuming 100% accuracy, 100 health and 0 armour.
  2. No headshot
  3. 2 in TLSS or LSS
  4. This gun is a powerup

Summary of findings

Besides the obvious information (e.g., the sniper rifle requires 2 rounds to kill an opponent without head shot and is the slowest to inflict 100 damage), we can come to the following additional conclusions:

  • The weapons that require the fewest attacks/bullets/shells to kill a normal, unarmored opponent are the Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, and Knife.
  • The Shotgun only requires 95% of the shell pellets to impact to kill a normal opponent. This means that you can kill 7.35 vs. 7.00 opponents if the enemies are tightly grouped together and the spread of the shotgun can overlap targets -- more kills than the magazine size!
  • The Shotgun and Sniper Rifle (head shot) get the most kills per magazine, followed by the submachine gun, assault rifle, sniper rifle (no head shot), pistol.
  • Comparing the two automatic primary weapons, the Assault Rifle appears equal to the Submachine Gun. While the assault rifle takes fewer bullets to eliminate a target, its slower rate of fire means that it will take more time to do so. Though the assault rifle is supposed to be more accurate at long range over the submachine gun, this is a moot advantage as the sniper rifle is a much more effective long range weapon. The high recoil of the assault rifle is another factor counting against it for long range shooting as 1 or 2 bullets alone is insufficient to put down a target.
  • If you are 100% accurate and at the right range, as assumed in the modeling above, the Shotgun and Sniper Rifle (head shot) give instantaneous kills, that is they are dead about the same time you pull the trigger. This makes them the fastest weapons to inflict 100 damage. However, if you do miss (say 50% accuracy), the long delay times of those weapons will make the Submachine gun the fastest to inflict 100 damage.


  • If you are relatively inaccurate (e.g., a new player) the best weapon would appear to be the Submachine Gun.
  • If you are accurate and can stay at the appropriate range (e.g., close for the shotgun), the Sniper Rifle and Shotgun are highly effective weapons.
  • The assault rifle is highly useful for the recoil-based effects, such as increasing jump height and travel speed, that can be of huge benefit in Capture the Flag games.

The akimbo is actually useful as a powerup, so grab it when you can. For the best primary weapon, the SMG and AR take equally long to kill. Still, the SMG is recommended for players who have low accuracy because the amount of bullets makes up for it, once recoil is controlled. If you are 100% accurate (with headshots) the best weapon would be the sniper, however this is extremely rare and you may be dead by the second shot. The shotgun is still highly effective at close ranges and is recommended for it's ability to gain extra points (not frags) when gibbing. Overall, the assault rifle is a very formidable and versatile weapon because of its, damage, uniform recoil and rifle jump/sprinting ability.

As of v1.2.0.0, armor piercing was introduced for the knife, carbine, and sniper rifle. From the chart lists the percentage of armor that will be ignored when a player is hit wearing armor. This gives you harder hits to an opponents health. This makes the knife arguably the best weapon in very close combat (The knife will always kill in two hits no matter how much armor) and even better when combined with a shot from the sniper.