Neglected Rebellions

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Neglected Rebellions was a clan in the AssaultCube community.

Neglected Rebellions
Founded on: May 2, 2009.
Founded by: Morsey
Current leader(-s): Morse, Foo
Members: 6
Country: International
IRC: irc://


The beginning

|NR| was founded by Morsey! on the May 2nd, 2009. The clan was originally created after Morsey! (aka Playaa) left his previously made clan Chasing Eternal Darkness (|>Ced<|). That clan did not match his vision of a foundation of well respected and skillful players. Therefore he founded this clan and ran it solo until he recruited Prod and TayituUx, who are former |>Ced<| clanmates. With applications pouring in, the clan gained some more very skilled players such as: CasaNova (Halo's Protojay), CoolBreeze (a close personal friend of Godsmack), Shield, Shorty, Diablo (son of Godsmack), MET4LL!CA, k4z, Nunees. Finally Robtics and s4cerdote joined Neglected Rebellions. After two months Shorty left because of an internal clan dispute.

The 1st death and rebirth

In September 2009 Morsey! announced that he was leaving the clan to concentrate on his studies and was accepting the invites of Halo and Godsmack of applying to Dedicated Elite Soldiers to take a more laid back role in a clan environment. Also Casanova and Coolbreeze announced that they were leaving as they either had no interest in the game or had no time to offer a competitive clan atmosphere to themselves. Morsey! offered leadership to Shield to continue the clan, but he denied and left the clan. After the departure of these members the clan died within days.

After seeing what this had done, Morsey! returned and made a council of three members: Robtics, Shield and himself. They regained several of the old members and recruited also new members like Chill and Ar!MaNe. On the other hand they lost their first members TayituUx and Prod (who was already MIA) in this change.

The 2nd death and rebirth

In January 2010 a blacklist report was filed by former member of Dedicated Elite Soldiers and server hoster jamz. This report brought to light the fact of that Morse was in possession of a modified client: The demo showed him come in off-map, with a modded client, shoot a couple of times, then leave.

These five seconds and the possession of the modded client for that day (coincidently it was also the birthday of Morsey!) hit a major blow to Neglected Rebellion - with him, this was the third clan member who was blacklisted for hacking. Shield and Robtics took on the role of leading the clan. Shield was told on IRC that if his clan were to gain one more blacklisted player, the whole clan would be blacklisted. With that news, Robtics and Shield decided that it was best for the players if the clan was dissolved while it was their choice and go their seperate ways.

On the September 2010, 26th Morsey! returned to the game under his good behaviour and unblacklisting. Himself and Foo decided to make Neglected Rebellions again with two Australian players Neaks (aka yata) and Fakes (aka Vermi). Later they recieved applications from both Sp33dy (former member of International Assault Force) and drawzer (former member of Redemption Gam!ng and Legendary-cubers) and accepted them both within weeks.


The aim of Neglected Rebellion is to recruit fair and honest players that are respected in the community, skill is a secondary factor. If you feel that you meet these standards feel free to go to the clan's forums and place an application to become a member (read application guideline). The goal the clan is to become a group that is known in the community as a respectful bunch of lads that will frag until their fingers fall off!

Clan roster

  • |NR|Morsey! (Founder/Council member)
  • Foo.|NR| (Council member)
  • |NR|yata (Member)
  • Fakes.|NR| (Member)
  • |NR|Sp33dy (Member)
  • |NR|drawzer (Member)

List of former members

  • Ar!MaNe
  • CasaNova
  • Chill
  • CoolBreeze
  • Diablo
  • k4z
  • Prod
  • Robtics
  • s4cerdote
  • Shield
  • Shorty
  • TayituUx
  • Manolo
  • Nunees