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Redemption Gam!ng or .rG! was a large AssaultCube clan mainly based in France.

Redemption Gam!ng
Clantag: .rG!
Founded on: Sun 05 oct 2008
Founded by: DarKnoT
Current leader(-s): DarKnoT, Brett
Members: 11
Country: Mainly France (base)
IRC: #rg-clan


The beginning

On July 12th, 2008 DarKnoT had announced on the official forum that his clan Xtreme-K1LL will undergoing a fusion with the leading members of another clan, 58>94, which is also mainly based in France. With that the new formed up clan changed his name to eXplosive-alliance. Two months later, on September 7th, 2008 DarKnoT had posted a new announcement again: For some reasons he has resigned from leading the clan and started searching a new clan he could join. Although the reasons for the clan's ending wasn't explicit described, DarKnoT mentioned in his first post: "I was in conflict with them (58>94) for a long time ago and it's gone now". In his second post he was talking about a "bad fusion".

As a result of this the new clan Redemption Gam!ng has been founded on October 5th, 2008.

The ESL league

The clan participated in the first season of the ESL AssaultCube CTF League. In the playoffs, a dispute between Dedicated Elite Soldiers and Redemption Gam!ng came about through due to disagreements between the gameplay times as the team of DES were based in Australia and Canada and the team of .rG! was based in France. The admin of the ESL intervened to set a time (which was inconvenient to the DES) and the game was played with the win of the team of .rG!. However, DES appealed due to the fact that there was a lot of miscommunication between the two clans in organising the game and it was posed that the admin's decision on the set time was unfair. The appeal by DES was, however, denied.

The death

On May 2009, 31st DarKnoT announced the end of this clan. This was apparently due to a dispute between the two leaders of the clan, DarKnot and Brett, who soon joined the major clans Owning Noobs Everywhere and Tear you Down! respectively.


Star silver.png ESL AssaultCube CTF League: Season I: 2nd place

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