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eXplosive-alliance or #eXa* (formerly known as X-K1) was a large AssaultCube clan mainly based in France.

Clantag: #eXa*
Founded on: Sun 1 Apr 2007
Founded by: DarKnoT
Current leader(-s): DarKnoT, Maggot
Members: 20
Country: Mainly France (base)
Homepage: www.explosive-alliance.c.la
IRC: irc.epiknet.org #eXa


The beginning

The clan started first as |+K1LL+| who became |K1C|' and then Xtreme-K1LL (or X-K1).

Clan fusion and ending

On July 12th, 2008 DarKnoT had announced on the official forum that his clan Xtreme-K1LL will undergoing a fusion with the leading members of another clan, 58>94, which is also mainly based in France. With that the new formed up clan changed his name to eXplosive-alliance. Two months later, on September 7th, 2008 DarKnoT had posted a new announcement again: For some reasons he has resigned from leading the clan and started searching a new clan he could join. Although the reasons for the clan's ending wasn't explicit described, DarKnoT mentioned in his first post: "I was in conflict with them (58>94) for a long time ago and it's gone now". In his second post he was talking about a "bad fusion". Soon enough, Redemption Gam!ng was born.

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