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Aftershock Gaming is a young clan in AssaultCube which was originally founded as Final Rest.

Aftershock Gaming
Founded on:2011-05-19
Founded by:k4z, Brockle (aka Shield)
Current leaders:k4z, Brockle (aka Shield)
Country:International #aftershock


The clan's history began in 2011, when Kaz and Shield (now: Brockle), both former Neglected Rebbelion and Tear you Down! members seeking a place where they can battle to their hearts content whilst steering clear of the political side of AssaultCube. After complications within their clanTear you Down! it became official that the members Brockle, Kaz, C4rma and Pweaks had decided to leave. This was the beginning of a new era: The clan FinalRest will hope to live for a long time, inspiring players to love the game, frag hard and have a smile as time passes by[1].

After a short while it was obvious that the chosen clan tag (".fR") caused some problems. It was often mistaken as a short for France, therefore the members of Final Rest were asked quite often whether they are french or not. With that said, Shield announced on July 4, 2011 the change of the clan's name to Aftershock Gaming[2].


Nick Role Active Country
k4z Leader & Founder yes Brazil
ShieldyBear Leader & Founder yes England
c4rma Council & Founder yes Norway
TheAntraX Member no Brazil
Takkunen Member yes Australia
art* Member yes Portugal
c00kie Member yes Brazil
Utah Member no USA
yopa Member yes Norway
Robtics Member yes Germany
Host@ Member yes Belgium
NK Member yes France
DamDam Member yes France
Lefa Member yes France
clpS Member yes Belgium



List of aG servers .

Name IP/Domain Max Players Owner Location Logging Automap Blacklist Available
AfterShock Arena 10 Newbie Germany yes yes yes 24/7

Leagues / Tourneys

The AfterShock Gaming hosted the aG League 2012 [3] .

Star gold.png - Woop_clan

Star silver.png - Owning_Noobs_Everywhere

Star bronze.png - Digital_Reborn


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  3. aG League that began on Jan,17th