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Rising Cubers also known as .rC| is an AssaultCube and Cube 2: Sauerbraten clan formed in Summer 2012, by a group of players and more importantly friends who want to play competitively but in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We always like a fair game, we don't recruit cheaters or blacklisted players, and we always search for fun when we play; not only for ourselves but for our opponents too.​ We stand for respectful and friendly behaviour as games are just games and behind every computer, stands a person.​ Our goals in both AssaultCube and Sauerbraten are to progress as both players and people, to have fun and show respect while doing so.​

Rising Cubers
Founded on:23rd August 2012
Founded by:DamDam, Vanquish, Marti
Current leaders:N/A
Members:14 AC + 14 Sauer
IRC:#rc @ gamesurge


Prologue: The maniacs

Rising Cubers all began with the creation of the maniacs|[1], who were an aliased team of secret and powerful conspirators from various clans, all sharing one unique and common goal - the pursuit of both fun and competition side by side. The maniacs became very successful, improving their in-game skills and forging new friendships at the same time. For centuries, people wondered who the mysterious and powerful collective could be. After a while, they gave into the secrecy and began to play with their real names. Rumour has it they met in private teamspeak channels, and held online "mega teufs". Their names were whispered in hushed tones, and they were exalted in shadow as many teams wonder which mystical varmints they just got owned by.

After a while, the maniacs publicly revealed themselves! These mystical and fabled creatures were revealed to be none other than DamDam, yopa and Hosta from the clan .aG*[2], Vanquish from w00p|[3], and Marti from {BoB}[4]. By this time, they'd come to love the community they had created and the success they had revelled in. None of the maniacs expected themselves to turn into a clan, but it was exactly what happened on the 23rd of August 2012.


The Rising Cubers' logo.

Before anything was to be announced, there was a short period of discussion, in which .clpS* and Tiest0 aka Rifl3 (both from .aG*) were invited to be in on the new scheme. They accepted, and together, the sexy seven began to make preparations for both leaving their current clans, and also announcing their new one. A quick forum post[5] led to both best wishes and controversy in equal proportion, mostly from Larry aka Roflcopter who was jealous at how hard he was getting raped in matches (jkjk :D). Within the first week of existence, they had six applications to join their clan - one of which was successful and led to the recruitment of a young and talented member from the USA, known as Xemi.

Changes in the infrastructure

They played strong for a few months, and then due to the immense flow of applications, it all became a bit too much to handle, so they took the decision to become invite only. Two new members were invited and subsequently were recruited on Christmas Eve, under the names iDani and Jorik, both strong players from Austria and Belgium respectively, who brought much to the clan in terms of activity, skill and personality - something sorely needed as around this time, as clpS* and Tiest0 took the decision to play AssaultCube less for various reasons. The new year was marked with the recruitment of a Japanese player, previously from =MyS=, who played under the name Pyras, bringing a tactical mind and unholy fragging abilities to the team. In May, another incredible =MyS= player known as Mystered decided to join the team, further adding to the clan's cumulative scariness. However, all was not as fantabulous as previously thought. On the 13th of July 2013, it was announced that Hosta had connected to a ladder server using a cheat client, an event that shocked the whole community, but none moreso than the clan members themselves. A decision was quickly reached to officially kick him from the clan as his actions were in violation of clan rules. Much to their dismay, Jorik also decided to leave with him.

1st Birthday!

Shortly after the Rising Cubers celebrated their first birthday anniversary of pwning in AssaultCube, they had an abundance of new applications - two of which were promptly accepted. One was ex-member Hosta who was reaccepted into the loving arms of rC after his forgiven-but-not-forgotten mistake, and the other was the sexiest Italian in AssaultCube, Homer-J, formerly of the clan |#LC*|[6]. And as the school season started, the clan further reaffirmed themselves as an internationally renowned team, with the recruitment of the first Brazilian, known as the young, friendly and talented ShaKaw. All three members have become valuable and loved additions to the clan. However, a mere two weeks after, founding member yopa decided to part ways with the clan for reasons they still don't fully understand - and although this was a sad event for all the members, his legacy lives on in the spirit of the clan. Just over a month later, Pyras left the team as he felt his interests had strayed too far from that of the clan's.

Expansion into Sauerbraten

Around mid-November time in the year 2013, long-time AC squad veterans Vanquish and Marti decided to expand the clan into Sauerbraten, given that the two both had some measure of experience in the game beforehand (Marti formerly coming from the Band of Brothers clan, and Vanquish coming from the Makes you Sick clan).

After a short amount of time, yopa (formerly of the Rising Cubers' AC team and Band of Brothers in Sauerbraten) was also invited to be in on the creation - and henceforth the clan endeavour to grow their reputation in both games.

After two weeks of activity, the Rising Cubers joined forces with legendary player Acuerta, formerly of the w00p clan, and a man who needs no introductions. He holds an iCTF title, two CTF titles, two eCTF champion titles, three effic champion titles and is the only player to currently hold the effic grandchampion title in SWL. His decorated history and extreme skill renders his value beyond price, and decided to privately join the clan in order to add new variety to the competition within Sauerbraten.

This was quickly followed by the recruitment of one of the clan's fearsome ex-AC soldiers and aim freak Pyras. His return to the clan was eagerly anticipated, even if in another game. Swiss insta god Deluxe then followed him, joining on New Year's Day 2014, and bringing talented Dutch newcomer Joran along with him, who was accepted less than a week later. We then saw more positive growth with the recruitment of the phenomenal Jorik and subsequently total victory and the title of Effic CTF Grandchampions in the Sauercom eCTF 3v3 Cup.

Some more lineup changes

Shortly after this, immense interest grew in the clan - they had gone from complete noobs to winners in the space of weeks. As a result, the squad kept growing, with an influx of applications and the recruitment of Hutch from the USA, the clan's second Norwegian C4rma (of the clan Legendary cubers in Assault Cube), and finally a famous flagrunner from Germany and formerly of the clan |RB|, jawer. The clan prospered well, until a few days later when Acuerta made the decision to leave the team. He was replaced by the Austrian talent AlieN, whom had formerly played for the clan Dangerous Monkeys, and another American Waffles who hails from the clan Owning Noobs Everywhere in AssaultCube. He is widely regarded as the best player in AssaultCube, and now intends to see the same happen in Sauerbraten. Around this time, the brazilian ShaKaw and the Dutchman Joran left the clan to pursue other interests.

Much to the surprise of the AC squad, their long time friend and ex-clanmate Shieldybear, formerly of Aftershock Gaming joined the team on 9th August 2014. And then the one and only yopa came back to the AC squad on the 21st September, around the same time that Pyras left the Sauer squad due to personal disputes.

The end of 2014

In the November of that same year, the Rising Cubers participated in the DKSC Sauerbraten eCTF Championship. Despite fielding a relatively inactive team led by Vanquish, the team managed to secure a surprisingly high and respectable 2nd place.

On the 19th December, the clan completed the final stage of Music's 3v3 TOSOK Tournament, with a stellar lineup of yopa/Vanquish/Marti reigning triumphant over w00p's trio of Harrek/Honor/Redbull.

The clan competed in the 3v3 Christmas Cup, taking place on winter solstice. After beating Cr!sis and STK#, the clan eventually lost by 1 flag to =MyS= in the semi final. FD* lost their semi final so rC and FD* were to find out who would get the 3rd place trophy. After two intense games it was rC that won, claiming a respectable 3rd place.

2015 and onwards

In the New Year, Blushie, previously from at0m, replaced Hutch in the Sauerbraten squad. In June there was a new addition to the Sauerbraten squad, Mehrtyr3r having formerly played for JG. In June, the Rising Cubers also participated in the SSL iCTF 3v3 Championship in which they, after some tough games, eventually claimed the title!

Finally, the Rising Cubers continued to build their own mini british empire with the recruitment of Assault Cube player Rush who came previously from Makes you Sick.

Sauerbraten Merge with Cubestrikers

During the summer break, C4rma and Rexus both left the team, citing a lack of time and extenuating university commitments as reasons for retracting their respective memberships. C4rma now studies in Spain.

In late 2015, due to the quasi-inactivity of both clans, the Cubestrikers and Rising Cubers merged together under one tag. This effectively meant that the Rising Cubers performed the acquisition of four new members, Agalloch from !s and BoB fame, neon (who'd previously been a member before), Ignis from sp4nk, and Sm!ley from =DK=. Meanwhile, Rexus left to join sp4nk.


In 2016 there has been plenty of activity in rC, the Sauer squad saw some extra additions with the likes of Terence, Tamin0 and MysteryCube, the latter which sadly left the clan near the end of 2016. Beside from the Sauer squad, the AssaultCube squad also had a few roster changes. Vanquish and yopa had decided to part with the clan to briefly create the clan 1Tap, but this didn't work out and decided yopa quit AC. Which resulted in Vanquish not wanting to be alone and to come back into the sexy ranks of rC. Two other Brits were accepted as well, Mise decided to join us once again (let's hope he stays this time) and in early 2017, after a long application, Z3R0 became our 4th UK member! Furthermore, in July we had ANOTHER addition to our AssaultCube roster, a long time friend from Sweden called al3rt!

In addition to the AssaultCube scene, we also had a new recruit in Sauerbraten: Darky or DarkFire from the USA. He stayed for 2 months, and then left after some drama, we still don't know why exactly.

2018 and onwards

Due to inactivity and other priorities, the rC sauer squad has been mostly inactive, with the majority of still active players leaving rC to join other clans. Therefore the Sauerbreaten memberlist is no longer accurate, and Marti is too lazy to fix it up


Due to the pandemic, and the global lockdown/quarantine, AC has seen somewhat of a revival, with many players returning and playing (occassionally)again. This had lead to the creation of some tournaments such as the Outshiners Tournament in which rC participated, establishing them as one the top teams of AC once again. Let's hope the revival of competitive AC isn't short lived. Only time will tell.


It turns out the pandemic was somewhat of a blessing for rC (and AC), with not just 1.3 in the works (Alpha released in April 2021), but also with the addition of a new member, hailing from Russia, Kostya. After a somewhat lengthy application process in this time of AssaultCube, he was accepted into the ranks. This Russian tank brings a lot of sneaking and haxjumping (unfortunate for 1.3) in the clan. If you haven't seen him in the last 10 seconds, he has probably snuck past you! The first tournament that was played with Kostya as a rising cuber resulted in a very respectable 3rd place in the MyS Championship, proving that he is a worthy addition to the squad.

Joining us

What we're looking for

The following rules apply for both Assault Cube and Sauerbraten applications.

If you're looking to join the Rising Cubers, post an application on our forum. We're currently openly accepting applications, this means that anyone is allowed to apply. We're looking for players who, first and foremost, are friendly, loyal and show respect in game. We also have a certain skill requirement needed to join, but if you're friendly, active and show promise and/or potential to improve, we can overlook skill as a factor. If we don't get on with you as a person, your chances of acceptance will be low irrespective of how high your skill level may be.

The best way to get us to know/and or like you, is to hang out on our Teamspeak 3 server at se-rc.tk. Also, feel free to post an introduction thread on our forums.

Posting an application

Follow the application template[7]. Any trouble or controversy brought forth by you in your application period will not be reflected as a clan issue and instead reflected negatively upon your application.


Assault Cube Members

Name Favourite Weapon Member since Status Location
Marti Shotgun 23rd August 2012 Active Netherlands Haarlem, Netherlands
Hosta AR 23rd August 2012 Active Belgium Liège, Belgium
Xemi SMG 10th September 2012 Active USA Boston, MA, USA
iDani AR 24th December 2012 Active Austria Wien, Austria
zero AR 25th January 2017 Active England Dundee, Scotland
Kostya AR 17th March 2021 Active Russia Yekaterinburg, Russia
Vanquish SMG 23rd August 2012 "Active" England Canterbury, England
DamDam AR 23rd August 2012 "Active" France Compiègne, France / USA Twin Falls, ID, USA
Shieldybear Sniper 9th August 2014 M.I.A. England Cambridge, England
Mise SMG 21st September 2016 M.I.A. England London, England
al3rt Sniper 2nd July 2017 M.I.A. Sweden Göteborg, Sweden / England London, England
clpS* SMG 23rd August 2012 M.I.A. Belgium Brussels, Belgium
Tiest0 Sniper 23rd August 2012 M.I.A. France Nantes, France
Homer-J SMG 31st August 2013 M.I.A. Italy Roma, Italy

Retired Members

Name Favourite Weapon Date Joined Date Left Location
Jorik brain 24th December 2012 14th June 2013 Belgium Leuven, Belgium
Pyras SMG 10th February 2013 2nd November 2013 Japan Chigasaki, Japan
ShaKaW Shotgun 6th September 2013 26th March 2014 Brazil Brasilia, Brazil
yopa SMG 23rd August 2012 15th August 2016 Norway Molde, Norway
Mystered SMG/Sniper 20th May 2013 8th September 2018 France Rouen, France

Sauerbraten Members

Name Favourite Weapon Member since Status Location
Marti Shotgun 23rd November 2013 Active Netherlands Haarlem, Netherlands
Deluxe Rifle 1st January 2014 Active Switzerland Aargau, Switzerland
Jorik His brain 10th January 2014 Active Belgium Leuven, Belgium
jawer unknown 24th February 2014 Active Germany Bremen, Germany
AlieN Rifle 16th March 2014 Active Austria Sankt Pölten, Austria
Mehrtyr3r unknown 20th June 2015 Active Germany Heidelberg, Germany
neon unknown 22nd November 2015 Active Germany Rostock, Germany
Agalloch unknown 22nd November 2015 Active Slovakia Trencin, Slovakia
Ignis unknown 22nd November 2015 Active Brazil Brasilia, Brazil
Terence unknown 16th June 2016 Active France Orléans, France
Waffles Chaingun 16th April 2014 M.I.A. United States Richmond, VA, USA
Blushie unknown 27th March 2015 M.I.A. United States Martha's Vineyard, MA, USA
Tamin0 unknown 1st July 2016 M.I.A. Germany Kaufbeuren, Germany
Smiley unknown 13th December 2015 M.I.A. Germany Dresden, Germany

Retired Members

Name Favourite weapon Date joined Date left Location
Vanquish Chaingun 23rd November 2013 14th December 2014 England Canterbury, England
Acuerta everything 8th December 2013 27th February 2014 Germany Straubing, Germany
Joran Rifle 7th January 2014 23rd July 2014 Netherlands Groningen, Netherlands
Pyras Rifle 25th December 2013 21st October 2014 Japan Chigasaki, Japan
Hutch Rockets 9th February 2014 6th February 2015 United States Topsham, ME, USA
C4rma Rockets 17th February 2014 27th July 2015 Norway Tromsø, Norway
Rexus unknown 31st March 2014 26th September 2015 England Guildford, England
tool Rifle 22nd November 2015 16th May 2016 Turkey Izmir, Turkey
yopa Rifle 23rd November 2013 15th August 2016 Norway Molde, Norway
MysteryCube unknown 28th May 2016 9th October 2016 France Mennecy, France
DarkFire Rifle 3rd May 2017 13th July 2017 United States Atlanta, GA, USA



Name Location IP/Domain Max Players Owner Logging Blacklist Available
.rC| Teamspeak 3 Server Sweden Stockholm, Sweden se-rc.tk 32 Vanquish yes yes 24/7

Assault Cube Servers

Name Location IP/Domain Max Players Owner Hitfixed Logging Blacklist Available
.rC| SE Match #1 Stockholm Stockholm, Sweden se-rc.tk 1111 50 Vanquish yes yes yes 24/7
.rC| SE Match #2 Stockholm Stockholm, Sweden se-rc.tk 2222 50 Vanquish yes yes yes 24/7
.rC| SE Match #3 Stockholm Stockholm, Sweden se-rc.tk 3333 50 Vanquish yes yes yes 24/7
.rC| NY Match #1 New York Buffalo, NY, USA us-rc.tk 1111 50 yopa yes yes yes 24/7
.rC| NY Match #2 New York Buffalo, NY, USA us-rc.tk 2222 50 yopa yes yes yes 24/7
.rC| NY Match #3 New York Buffalo, NY, USA us-rc.tk 3333 50 yopa yes yes yes 24/7

Sauerbraten Servers

Name Version IP/Domain Max Players Owner Location Logging Blacklist Available
Parlor of Inte.rC|ourse Collect rc-sauer.tk 24 Jawer Germany Frankfurt, Germany yes yes 24/7


(listed in chronological order won)

AC Weekend CTF Cup - 2nd Place Silver.png

AC Weekend TOSOK Cup - 1st Place Gold.png

AC Weekend 1vs1 Cup (represented by Xemi) - 2nd Place Silver.png

DouzeFest (represented by Xemi) - 1st Place Gold.png

DesFest (represented by Vanquish) - 1st Place Gold.png

Presidential Bodyguards 1.2 League - 3rd Place Bronze.png

SauerCom eCTF 3v3 February Cup - 1st Place Gold.png

DKSC eCTF 3v3 November Cup - 2nd Place Silver.png

Music's 3v3 TOSOK Tournament - 1st Place Gold.png

3v3 Christmas Cup - 3rd Place Bronze.png

SSL June iCTF 3v3 Championship - 1st Place Gold.png

Unbreakable's 3v3 Tourney 2015 (represented by Vanquish and Marti) - 1st Place Gold.png

WeedLounge Christmas 3v3 Tournament (represented by Marti) - 1st Place Gold.png

SauerLeague February 3v3 iCTF Championship - 3rd place Bronze.png

SauerLeague February 3v3 eCTF Championship - 2nd place Silver.png

SauerLeague April 3v3 eCTF Championship - 2nd place Silver.png

SauerLeague April 1v1 effic Championship (represented by neon) - 2nd place Silver.png

ActionFPS January 2017 3v3 CTF Tournament - 1st Place Gold.png

!sL January eCTF Tournament - 3rd Place Bronze.png

!sL January iCTF Tournament - 2nd Place Silver.png

Pi Arena Open #2 Survivor 1v1 Tournament (represented by Marti) - 1st Place Gold.png

1vs1 Sniper Cup (represented by Xemi) - 2nd Place Silver.png

Outshiners Tournament - 3rd Place Bronze.png

MyS Championship 1 - 3rd Place Bronze.png

Xemi, Vanquish and Marti have all 3 participated in Music's/BoB's 1v1 Competition. Xemi claimed the North American 1v1 Title. Both Vanquish and Marti have been the European 1v1 Champion, with Vanquish having been undefeated in a 1vs1 deathmatch game for one and a half years. Marti also held the world champion title for a while, and was challenging for the title before the tournament died.

rC also has some World Record holders, with yopa holding 1 World Record and Marti holding a whopping 13 World Records, which makes him the AC player with the most World Records, which is in itself a record. :D [8]

ACWC Participation

Various Rising Cubers members also compete in the yearly ACWC [Assault Cube World Cup], representing their respective countries.


Hosta and clpS competed for Belgium and Homer-J for Italy in 2012's event. Both teams finished in 5th-8th place.


Homer-J, Marti and Vanquish each captained Italy (9th-16th place), the Netherlands (9th-16th place) and the United Kingdom (5th-8th place) respectively; whilst Mystered played for the French team, finishing in second - and Xemi played for the USA team, finishing in first place.


Due to improper organisation, 2014's event never actually reached completion. Vanquish captained the United Kingdom, Marti captained the Netherlands, DamDam played for France B, and Xemi played for the United States. There were no rankings this year as the overwhelming majority of matches went unplayed.


DamDam captained the Belgian team, alongside his clanmate Hosta, who finished in 9-16th place. Marti captained the Netherlands, who came in 4th place, their best performance until then. Vanquish captained the United Kingdom, alongside his clanmates Shieldybear + Rush, who lost to France B in the final and thus claimed 2nd place, also their best performance ever. Xemi played for the United States A team, who lost to France B in the second round and thus secured a 5th-8th place finish.


Xemi, Marti and Z3R0 each captained USA, BeNe(Belgium & Netherlands) and UK respectively. Besides Z3R0, Vanquish and Mise also played for the UK team, and Hosta was part of the BeNe lineup. The UK finished in 4th place, after losing in the winners' bracket first round against USA, and eventually lost by flags against the USA in the losers' bracket semi-final . BeNe won the winners' bracket final against France, but sadly ended up losing the Grand Finale against USA, so BeNe ended up claiming 2nd place, their best performance ever (let's hope they will do better than UK next year). So after winning the losers' bracket final against France, and the Grande Finale against BeNe, USA claimed 1st place, their 2nd ACWC win in 4 years. One may view the bracket at: http://bracketcloud.com/nl/tournament/65600

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