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Risk your Life (or RyL) was a known clan in the AssaultCube community.

Risk your Life


Clantag: [RyL]*
Founded on: 2008-01-12
Founded by: Psych0, DEATH-D0G.
Current leader(-s): dendard, Psych0
Members: 6
Country: Brazil
Homepage: www.rylteam.com
IRC: irc.gamesurge.net #rylteam

The beginning

While ClaytonMc (now known as Psych0) did like the organization and the "hot style" of the latin clans, a RPG player called DEATH-D0G proposed a partnership to found a clan. In the beginning it was just a joke, but ClaytonMc took it seriously and kept studying the behavior of the most known clan leaders. Dendard joined the clan and helped ClaytonMc to make it better and better while DEATH-D0G left the clan. A few weeks later Naruto and DmxDog came too. They were merry and called themselves "Fantastic Four"

The change

ClaytonMc was supported by MarqueS (from MMAC) and CaZaD0R (from #D|A#). This both great clan leaders coached him in leading his team: He has taken mature and followed their fabulous way.

The Brazilian Ban Incident

The most brazilian clans lived in a war during for large period in time, accusing any enemy of cheating and trusting noone. Unfortunately the majority of AssaultCube's cheaters are brazilian.

KanslozeClown and acfan established a blacklist and keep banning brazilian players from the servers of their clan Tear you Down!. It generated a hard discussion about the trusted brazilian players who were banned from the servers for no reason, but in the end KanslozeClown has opened a server allowing brazilian players to play (Pennywise).


Almost a year before the RyL's break, the clan comes back with a new gaming spirit, It's hope is to help AssaultCube to grow up again with the old playing style. RyL has now a members number limit (9 players) the decision has been taken because the most AssaultCube tournaments are 3on3, RyL minds to have 3 groups which would backup any in case of need.



Risk your Life provides a match server and a public/private TeamSpeak Server.

Name IP/Domain Max Players Owner Location Logging Automap Blacklist Available
Matanzza matanzza.rylteam.com 6 Psych0 Brazil yes yes yes Sometimes


A lot of former RyL members have done some mapping: a popular "newbie" map was made by LuKas (ac_house) and a recently made map by Psych0, named ryl_rain, can be downloaded at Quadropolis.

List of former members

  • Dendard
  • Derek
  • Flash
  • Manning
  • Naruto
  • Psych0
  • T-Mac
  • Cazador
  • Atrimos

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