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Greetings loved ones, I'm known as BULL3T from Australia and I dropped off the face of the earth and landed amongst the AssaultCube community around year 2008. I started off by noobing playing T/OSOK, I finally got good at that and joined a clan called |NoH|, After a while the clan become dead so I decided to leave with Hunk and move on to bigger things with the clan |3"|, It started off pretty well although our timezones were bad as majority of the clan was from Slovakia. I had only just started to develop skill in CTF, I was with |3"| for around a year or so when I felt it started to become a little less active and our bad timezones began to really push us apart. I then decided to leave and apply for |oNe|. I finally got accepted and become a skillful player that began Owning Noobs Everywhere. I feel that |oNe| is my home and where I will be for the rest of my AC career.

External Links

|oNe|'s Website.

|oNe|'s Wiki.

|oNe|'s IRC.

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