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Presidential Bodyguards is a clan that is led by Ronald_Reagan.

Presidential Bodyguards
Founded on:2010-08-11
Founded by:Ronald_Reagan, Frost, Maniac
Current leaders:Ronald_Reagan
Country:International #PBClan


Presidential Bodyguards was founded on the eleventh of August with Frost and Maniac. Maniac left the clan shortly after creation because of a dispute. Recruiting was slow, and no members were found by the 19th of August when Frost quit. His resignation was due to him not feeling up for leading " afraid i am really no help to this clan." Until recently, Ronald_Reagan has been alone in his clan, with the occasional applications, all of them with the applicants never responding.

On December 2010 Zarj (former leader of the clan Unbreakable) joined Presidential Bodyguards. In the same month Ronald_Reagan announced a revitalized clan at the official forums[1].

After too short of a time, Zarj left the clan and AC indefinitely on January 25, 2011. Verse came into the scene before Zarj 's goodbye. Zarj had noticed some of Verse's games, and invited him to apply for the clan, and he did just that. Zarj left a few days after the application was posted. Once Zarj left, Verse got accepted into the clan (on January 27, 2011) with a unanimous vote from the then current clan members. After a semi-long app process, Noobicus got accepted to the clan. The fourth member of the clan was Nightmare. ShadowZ was accepted into the clan after a long and hard decision, on the last day of his application, Zarj decided to reappear. ShadowZ was accepted, and Zarj reaccepted a day later.

The clan then become invite only on April 20, 2011[2], to slow down applications and allow the members to get accustomed to each other, however two new invites came soon after. The effectiveness of this action was questioned. Droid (who was invited to app by Noobicus) was accepted into the clan on May 4th. Evanzo23 coming from his old clan Operation Onslaught was invited, and accepted to the clan on May 24th. Charlymurphie, having gotten 4 invites, entered into the clan June 15, 2011. After a long time of no apps, Razta got invited to the clan, and joined on August 5th 2011. Needing all the clan to invite them, titi and Orynge both got accepted, former members of the friendly clans Infectious OverDose and Exile Unit members (respectively). Bukz a former long time member of the clan Dedicated Elite Soldiers joined and became the last recruit of 2011.

Misty was the first to join in 2012, and the last to join under the invite status of the clan at that time. The clan then became open to applications on the first of March [3]. On the worst possible day of the year (April 1st), Noobicus decided to leave B}. MaiMeeTur was accepted into the clan 18 days later. Unfortunately MaiMeeTur on June 21st publicly announced that he was departing from the clan.

On the bright side however, we accumulated 7 more game players: V-Man on 07/05/12, V-Wifey on 07/05/12, Aekom on 07/06/12, Applecake on 07/17/12, Killshock on 07/19/12, Ironzorg on 08/24/12, and Lateralus on 09/01/12. During our last few applications, the clan went back to invite only on 08/09/12[4] while not interfering with current applications.


  • Respect towards other community and members.
  • Activity in clan, besides in game (forums, IRC and such).


Current members

Nickname Rank Join Date Location
Ronald_Reagan Founder August 11th 2010 Flag us.png USA
Verse Member January 27th 2011 Flag us.png USA
Nightmare Member April 9th 2011 Flag us.png USA
Droid Member May 4th 2011 Flag us.png USA
evanzo23 Member May 24th 2011 Flag us.png USA
CharlyMurphie Member June 15th 2011 Flag us.png USA
Razta Member August 5th 2011 Flag nz.png New Zealand
titi Member October 11th 2011 Portugal Portugal
Orynge Member October 29th 2011 Flag au.png Australia
X-Ray_Dog Member June 11th 2012 Flag us.png USA
V-Man Member July 5th 2012 Flag us.png USA
V-Wifey Member July 5th 2012 Flag us.png USA
Aekom Member July 6th 2012 Flag gb.png UK
KillShock Member July 19th 2012 Flag us.png USA
ironzorg Member August 24th 2012 Flag fr.png France
Lateralus Member September 1st 2012 Flag us.png USA
Thrawn Member January 16th 2013 Flag us.png USA
RikPik Member February 22nd 2013 Flag nl.png The Netherlands
Noobicus Member Originally April 1st 2011

Reaccepted July 9th 2013

Flag us.png USA
Bukz Member Originally November 6th 2011

Reaccepted July 22nd 2013

Flag us.png USA
Zarjio Member Originally December 2010

Reaccepted April 4th 2012 and Sept 17 2013

Flag ca.png Canada
Huntsman Member April 4th 2015 Flag au.png Australia
ShadowZ Member Originally April 11th 2011

Reaccepted April 11th 2015

Flag us.png USA
Theo_RJ* Member April 21st 2015 Flag br.png Brazil
fantasma Member Originally November 18th 2013

Reaccepted April 21st 2015

Flag us.png USA
ExodusS Member April 26th 2015 Flag fr.png France

Former members

  • Frost
  • Maniac
  • Misty
  • MaiMeeTur
  • applecake
  • D3M0NW0LF


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