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While the documentation contains technical details mainly, the Wiki's aim is to provide a more user-friendly documentation. This specifically apply to tutorials, task-oriented guides and so called "frequently asked questions" (FAQ).

Another important aspect of the Wiki are articles that focus on certain aspects of the game, like mapping, game tactics on official maps like ac_desert, special movement, CubeScript, etc.

The third aspect of this Wiki are articles related to the AssaultCube community. This includes articles about clans (a good example of a proper article is the one about Tear you Down!), events like the 1st AssaultCube Mapping Competition, ladders (e.g. AC ladder, HI-SKILL ladder) and much more.

Format and representation

Page titles

They must represent normal English language, but begin with a capital letter (not "Multiplayer Guide" but "Multiplayer guide", since "guide" is just a normal word).


They must be used to organise and split up content into sections for easier location. They are also necessary to create the table of contents.

==External links==


Names of clans or players and other non-standard terms should be italicised. If a player is also a wiki user or a clan has his own wiki page then it is always a nice idea to interlink such pages like in the following example. But if the name of the clan or the player/user appears more than once in a section, then it is just enough to interlink the name only on its first appearance.

 ''[[User:Apollo|Apollo]]'' is member of the [[clan]] ''[[Tear you Down!]]''

This produces the following line:

Apollo is member of the clan Tear you Down!


Bolds should be used sparingly - only for the main titles and such.

Embedded lists

Some would prefer if embedded lists were more useful. The case is that links should be incorporated in descriptive text rather than just standing as a list. Wikipedia:Embedded list

Links and categories

Linking articles

Linked articles are a key element of a successful Wiki. They are needed to guide a user from one article to another or to show up much more article related to the same focus. Look at this example:

 '''[[Dedicated Elite Soldiers|DES]]'''is a large AssaultCube [[clan]].

In this line the [[Dedicated Elite Soldiers|DES]] links to the article of the well known clan Dedicated Elite Soldiers. Instead of showing the title of article (which is the clan's full name), the partial code |DES changes it to the short form DES. The second code [[clan]] links to the page clan, where the user can get information about clans in the AssaultCube community in general.

Adding categories

Look here for all available Categories.

Adding a category is as easy as linking. If you are looking at the bottom of the source code of the article of Dedicated Elite Soldiers then you will find following two links:


Both links are using the wiki namespace identifier for categories (which is just Category:). The first link is adding the article to a language category, in this case the language category English. The language category should be always the first of all categories.

The second link is adding the article to the category clan, which contains all articles of active clans. This category is also a good example for the hierarchical structure between categories: The category clan is part of (or "child" of) the category AssaultCube community, clan contains also a child category for retired clans.

Hints for writing a good article

  • Try to get always a neutral point of view when writing an article. This includes not to use a narrative writing style (e.g. "I have founded my clan SuperCubers" becomes "SuperLeader founded the clan SuperCubers").
  • Don't mix up HTML tags like <b> <i> <p> <br> etc. with the Wiki formatting tags.
  • Use the preview function as often as you can.
  • Don't forget to categorize your article.
  • Help out other editors if you find some errors, missing categories, broken links etc. in their articles. They will do same for you.
  • If you want to write a translation then read this article: Help:How to translate the wiki

Responsible staff

  • Apollo has become the main contibutor and works often on categories and templates. If you're unhappy with his actions, contact him on his discussion page.
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