The Blood Rising

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The Blood Rising
Founded on:February 2010
Founded by:DaRealRocky, Bloodsport
Current leaders:Bloodsport, IguanaMoo

The Blood Rising (known as {TBR}) is an international clan. The clan takes part in matches with other AssaultCube clans and is always looking for new opponents to compete with and learn from. {TBR} has also dedicated it's time to get rid of cheaters in the AssaultCube community.

Clan Info


The clan The Blood Rising is active since February 6, 2010. It was founded by DaRealRoky and Bloodsport after their previous clan Supporting Radical Habits /SRH/ declined in activity. The clan was set up to provide a friendly community of active and skilled gamers. Short after foundation the clan quickly gained other previous /SRH/ members and acquaintances.

  The Blood Rising was created on February 6th, 2010; and ended on May 26th, 2013.
  Current status: Retired

Becoming a member

The Blood Rising takes applications very seriously.They value their community spirit above everything else, all new members have to show that they are not only skilled, but also fit to their clan culture. If someone would like to apply for a membership, please visit their website.


The Blood Rising strongly values communication efforts between applicants, members, and maybe the general Assault Cube population. They currently have 2 ways of communicating:

  • IRC @ #thebloodrising port:6667 or port:6699(SSL)
  • Skype



The clan The Blood Rising is also involved in making a few Assault Cube maps:

Note: Some maps listed here may be outdated for the current Assault Cube release and/or SVN testing stages due to map restrictions. The current version of these maps can be found on their servers.


The clan provides multiple public and some private match/modded servers. Currently their servers use their own clan Blacklist. Most of their servers are available to the public 24/7.

Servers Info for Assault Cube Version
Name IP/Domain Max Players Owner Location Logging / Blacklist Modded Found on the masterserver {TyD}, {BOB} - AC ladder Available

List of members

Current Members

Nickname Location
Bloodsport Flag nz.png New Zealand
DaRealRoky Flag us.png USA
~Sticky~ Flag us.png USA
ReEsEs Flag ca.png Canada
Tiesto Flag us.png USA
IguanaMoo Flag us.png USA
Zeus Flag gb.png UK
BHO Flag us.png USA
CuppyCakes Flag us.png USA
Elise Flag us.png USA

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