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Paradox Infinity (or Pi) is a new Assault Cube clan founded on old traditions.

Paradox Infinity
Founded on:2011_07_01
Founded by:Halo
Current leaders:Halo, Robtics, RKTNoob, Flint, Snoosnoo
Country:International #ParadoxInfinity


In the beginning

In the beginning Paradox Infinity was a slow start. Having to claw and scratch for new members, Paradox Infinity slowly gained popularity and respect. Halo and Mr.Smith were the leaders for some time into growth within the clan started a debate about the use and need for a council.

Changes in structure

After some discussion a council was set in place. Ketar, Halo, Duckett, Snoosnoo, and YesWeCamp made up the first list of users picked to represent Paradox Infinity as their council. HurpDurpSon, better known in the community as z3r0, has replaced Duckett on the council.

Current council line up is:

  • Halo
  • Robtics
  • RKTnoob
  • Flint
  • Snoosnoo

Past council members are:

  • Duckett
  • HurpDurpson
  • Ketar
  • YesWeCamp
  • noobicus
  • Snoosnoo
  • Letyme
  • Blueberry
  • Lamefox
  • Nuts

Honorary Members

These are members who were great additions to the clan. Who might not be gone from the clan completely, or just MIA. These members, if they return will have their spot in the clan waiting on them.

  • blueberry
  • Mousikos
  • MykeGregory
  • Nukpwr
  • Nut's

Other Information


Paradox Infinity has a strict recruitment policy. No users blacklisted for cheating will be accepted and only those who are well mannered and respected will be accepted. Users looking to join the clan must pass a vote from all active Paradox Infinity members before being posted on a trial membership. Trial members are looked at in depth and can wear the tag. During this 30 days if there are behavior problems or anything else that could cause issues, you are subject to a vote and could potentially be removed from the clan.



Servers are hosted by Lamefox and Blueberry when available. They're all visible on the masterserver list and run a nice maprot with custom maps and blacklist to make the game as enjoyable as possible. Currently there are no servers up from Paradox Infinity.


The clan runs an IRC channel located at #ParadoxInfinity. Thanks to Halo, an IRC client has been added to the clan site, which links straight to the IRC channel. Based in Java to run in your browser, the application is very easy to use. It can be found here.


Paradox Infinity takes mapping serious, with well respected mappers such as Snoosnoo and Halo, and up and coming mappers. Also Snoosnoo and Halo hold weekly map reviews that seek to help young mappers and inspire others to do well on their maps.

List of former members

  • 1cap
  • AlertEcho
  • Andrez
  • Batmagoo
  • Blueberry
  • Bugboy1028
  • Cemer
  • Corvetti
  • Fragment
  • Green
  • Han.Solo
  • HurpDurpson
  • Ketar
  • LameFox
  • Lefa
  • Letyme
  • Mousikos
  • Mr.Smith
  • Nitr0
  • noobicus
  • Takkunen
  • W2
  • W4rl0rd
  • YesWeCamp

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