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If you are interested in clans, check the list of all known clans.

Get involved!

  • Edit/revise the wiki! Look for pages that could use additional information such as clan stubs or short pages, translate popular pages or pages with no translations into different languages that are missing translations, and restore orphaned pages.
    • You will need wiki permissions to edit any of these. Apply to be a wiki editor and view the rules here.
  • Feel free to talk about anything/be involved in the community on our forum. Keep updated with us on our development blog. Discuss with us issues about AssaultCube, or even mention how much you like the game, and give us ideas about how we can improve. Make sure you know what you are doing!
  • The easiest way to get involved is to join a clan where a lot of players show their creative side with help from friends and post new maps/scripts/etc for other AC players.

A few worthwhile links

  • Quadropolis publishes and accepts user-made content - so this is where your new fancy map can go!
  • Akimbo is a website dedicated to posting almost anything regarding AssaultCube, maps, skymaps, mapmodels, mods and scripts.
  • IRC|Internet Relay Chat lets you talk to your friends, enemies and anyone else who has interest in AssaultCube in real-time!
  • Our Forum lets you talk to your friends, enemies and anyone else who has interest in Assaultcube in less-than-real-time!
  • AssaultCube Online Documentation giving you information on everything AssaultCube - Please also check your local documentation, since it will definitely match your version.
  • Blender is one of many tools you can use to make AssaultCube models.
  • Idiots guide to servers showing you some things you need in order to run a proper server. Don't forget to Port Forward
  • AssaultCube World Records is a list of accomplishments by various players.
  • AC guides can help you become a more knowledgeable and efficient player.