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You can learn more about this specific modeling application Blender by visiting their homepage.

Modeling is the act of creating a model, an in-game object (for entities, ambiente (mapmodels, like doors, plants, signs, etc. pp.), players and, weapons (both hudgun & world (weap|vwep))). You connect basic shapes (cubes, squares, triangles, spheres, cones, etc. pp.) and try to create something that does not cause too much load on the GPU (read: fewer vertices is better) so it can occur often and not be a detriment to the users framerate. There are sites with mod-content for various cubeengine based games, one main one for mod-content for AssaultCube in particular. Your mileage may vary. Also with choice of modeling software; there is also milkshape to mention, as well as ...(TODO)...

Here some pictures of the GUI ...(TODO)...


Sauerbraten Wiki -on- Blender

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