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Founded on:2009-03-01
Founded by:ExodusS
Current leaders:ExodusS DaylixX Infect
IRC:#aw-clan (gamesurge)

The AlienWare (or =AW=) is an Assault Cube French clan.


The old AlienWare

The old AlienWare started in March 1st 2009, ExodusS (aka Snake) founded this clan with no real aim, some weeks latter, DaylixX (aka Gaara) and $p@k0 (retired) joined. The clan was only playing T-OSOK mode on the famous Ezjemvill on the Hanze public server, no clan match, only fun. They enjoyed their first clan website (even if he was weird but as simple as possible) hosted on e-monsite and made by Panda, the clan already had a nice blue banner (still the main clan colour).

The active war against clans like #TMDC# and .:CEF:. with players like jStBd (aka |dR|Reedie) M@X (the old leader) and Dam. (Woop clan) made the clan grown, daily training in CTF on overplayed maps like ac_shine and ac_depot made them better and they learned all their basic skill. Speaking on Skype for more cooperations and teamplay made them win their first matches.

1.0.4 is just released and many new French players and French clans came out. It was an oportunity for the AlienWare who played many matches against those new players, it was some kinda easy wins but it was also a good way to find some fresh players to train and to raise to the top of the French level. In the same time, Cubers Society created their second league destined to newcomers and the competition was intense between the two clans. The AlienWare only won a few matches against Cubers Society but it was the time the .cS" clan was hosting internationnal players like Harrek Kr0 LordzZ and Arimane.

One year after his creation, the old clan reached his maximum skill level and clan leaders became bored of inactive members. After many discutions, most of the active clan members applyed to Cubers Society, all applications were accepted, this is the end of the old AlienWare history.

AlienWare reborn

July 5th 2011, ExodusS and DaylixX are now clanless, they both decide to make the AlienWare clan reborn with the same forum ambiance and the same sentence "We don't come in peace" but for slots reason, the tag is now =AW= (instead of AlienWare_). The clan keep the blue as main colour, it also keeps the same banner and forum style. Infect leave Only3 to come back to the clan followed by DarkCuber (clanless since the International Assault Force is down). Many old friends are now joining the clan, YoungStud, Kr0 (old leader of Cubers Society), X-15, Jako74 and Frolon (both from IAF).

Since the reborn, the clan played more than 150 matches and interclans (all the clan matches are posted, there is maybe some exeptions but it's rare, that is why there is a lot of loses), banning the Assault-Rifle on the competition scene cause of the 1.1 weapon-balance, the AlienWare is a rare clan that exclusively play with balanced weapons such as the SMG and Sniper.

Mapping history

ExodusS started mapping first, followed by DaylixX and $p@k0 some weeks latter, they began by little maps like aw_warfare and others maps without a real gameplay (it was just a training) bad lightning etc. We kept working and mapping to get better and better, they made ac_arab-money inspired from the music-video from Busta Rhimes - Arab money, a very detailled map with a good lightening and a worked gameplay. They showed this map to Alien (aCKa) who liked this a lot and was fond of AlienWare's maps, Alien also added it to the map-rotation on all of his servers. At this point they realised that they had a lot of potential as mappers, so they made an important and huge (maybe too much) map with the desert theme very detailled and designed, ac_sylang. They posted this map on Akimbo and people liked this map a lot. There is still a lot of positive feedbacks from the communauty today. One of their maps is now added in the official packages (see contributions).


The clan provided many public servers with a specific map-rotation based on custom maps, all the servers were owned by DaylixX but they are not online anymore due to lack of success at the end of 1.0.

Some members of the clan are interested in making maps, mostly ExodusS and DaylixX but Frolon is able to make some decent maps aswell. The AlienWare made some high quality maps and tree of them are now in the official pack.

  • ac_swamp: by ExodusS and Undead
  • ac_cavern: by ExodusS and Undead
  • ac_terros: by DaylixX and Sanzo


Star gold.png 5th AssaultCube Mapping Competition (2011): 1st place

Star bronze.png 5th AssaultCube Mapping Competition (2011): 3rd place

Star bronze.png ESL LastSwissStanding AutumnCup (2010): 3rd place

Clan members

  • Bcfh fr.gif ExodusS
  • Bcfh fr.gif DaylixX
  • Bcfh fr.gif Infect
  • Bcfh fr.gif X-15
  • Bcfh fr.gif KrO
  • Bcfh fr.gif Jako74
  • Bcfh fr.gif Frolon
  • Bcfh fr.gif DarkCuber
  • Bcfh fr.gif YoungStud

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