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'Part 1: The days when i was named ComX'

On a day i was bored playing some stupid MMORPG wich i played for over 3 years, i searched for another game... I kept on searching & searching, and than i found a list of many free MMOFPS games. In this list i saw Assault Cube wich was high ranked there. So i downloaded AC and started to play. After 1 month i got into my first clan; IAF.

'Part 2: After the Italian Assault Force'

After being a member of IAF for 8 months i was respected & they saw me as a good person, wich they could trust. But there were some problems inside the clan, & i desided to leave.

Than i was clanless for a week or 2. And yes, it took only 2 weeks, but i was tired of being clanless! I wanted to join an active & strong clan. Since my friends were also skilled players in the game, we decided to start our own clan, with me as founder & administrator. But luckely i got my good friend Ghost as Co-Leader to help me! Cube Ownage was born :)

It is summer and i played in the Assault Cube World Cup. I was so happy that i could enter this tournament, for only the bests. Hearing that we had to versus Portugal in the first round while Dam was gone... That was hard. Also me and my brother just came back from vacation, we lost. The new version of Assault Cube came out, and i was tired of the game. I started playing Cross Fire. After that Counter Strike: Source. I really like these games, but i missed Assault Cube!

'Part 3: My COMEBACK!'

I couldnt miss Assault Cube anymore. I decided to come back to the game. As i couldnt stay clanless i created a new clan. Wich would be used for the 3 games that me and my belgian friends play. Assault Cube (mainly), Cross Fire & Counter Strike: Source. The dVotion. Multi Gaming clan was now born. Now i'm still regaining my skills with the sniper rifle. Even though these are hard times for the sniper, i still want to practice it and train it for the new version who is coming. I'm sitting on the tip of my chair, waiting for the new version. And the almighty sniper-pistol combo. ;)

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