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dVotion. Multi Gaming (known as dV.) Is an International clan and is new but is ready to reach the top.

dVotion. Multi Gaming
Founded on:December 2010
Founded by:BurN
Current leaders:L[o]ck*, BurN


dVotion is basicly the new Cube Ownage. The 'famous' .cO' players joined dV. and also the clan has been started by BurN (now named Elite). The big differences between dV and cO are basicly that dVotion is made for multiple games. Besides AssaultCube they also play Cross Fire and Counter Strike Source. Even though AssaultCube is their main game. Another big different is that L[o]cK (Former DarKnoT) joined the dV team. He has been promoted to co-leader. Together with L[o]cK, dVotion hopes to get even better as Cube Ownage did with new objectives and mature players. We are more professional now, and hope to keep it this way. Also we want to build on a good reputation and keep the clan hack free.


Mainly dVotion. just wants to become one of the top clans in AssaultCube, just like Cube Ownage was back in time. As before we will pick only the best players from the game. Just like .cO' we will be a small, but feared clan on the game. Besides all that, playing in some nice tournaments would be nice! Feel free to contact us on our forum (link below) if you are planning to launch a tournament! We took a new departure on AssaultCube with good things, we aren't cO we are dV. and we are ready to rock on.


The clan provides two public servers.

Name IP/Domain Max Players Owner Location Available Ladder Pass
dVotion ~ Medion 24/7 20 L[o]cK* France 24/7 LognFrag
dVotion Multi-Gaming 24/7 20 L[o]cK* France 24/7 LognFrag

Voice Server: Mumble

Server IP Port
dVotion Gaming voip.roxservers.com 64742