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Cube Ownage (or .cO') is clan started by some young Belgian friends, trying to become one of the top clans in AssaultCube.

Coming soon.
Cube Ownage
Founded on:May 2009
Founded by:BurN.
Current leaders:BurN, Ghost.
Country:Mainly Belgium



In the beginning of May 2009 there were some problems inside International Assault Force, so BurN decided to leave this clan. After some days of being clanless he decided to start he's own clan together with Ghost, Overload, ChaoTiiC and GeRT. Some days later the leader had made a website and he was ready to create the clan, which was named Cube Ownage. Their goal isto become one of the best clans in the game.

Gaining members

In May and June the clan had many applys since they were pretty well known players and known for being experienced players. Most of the applys were denied, since the clan looks for real elite players, who are also kind to others. After some months the clan finally managed to gain three more members: Two players from Belgium; one RL-friend of BurN and the others and Titou which is a well-known Belgian player. Also they got one person from Portugal who lives in Brazil, who played under names like unarmed. Than in the summer months of August and July the clan had many new applicants, since they were finally listed on the Wiki.

List of members

Currently Cube Ownage has 10 members:

  • BurN.
  • Ghost.
  • ChaoTiiC"
  • GeRT.
  • Titou.
  • Bruh.
  • OverLoad!, also known as Turm0iL"
  • DontFragMe, who is new to AssaultCube & still looking for a name.
  • .DecK
  • .David