ZinK Clan

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Clantag: NA
Founded on: NA
Founded by: NA
Current leader(-s): NA
Members: 4
Country: France
Homepage: zink.timot.net

The ZinK Clan was a French, 4-man team known for running a popular high quality server in AssaultCube v0.93 and the older versions of ActionCube. The ZinK servers used some patched versions of the game and administrator privileges were shared only with the most reputable and trusted members of the community.

List of members

  • pier
  • pharaoh
  • talou
  • timot


Name IP/Domain Max Players Owner Location Logging Automap Blacklist AC ladder Available
ZinK Clan Server  ? talou France no no no no 24/7
ZinK Experimental  ? talou France yes yes yes no 24/7

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