Unlimited Frags

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Unlimited Frags (or uF*) is a recently founded clan, growing in size and skill.

Unlimited Frags


Clantag: uF*
Founded on: 2008-11-23
Founded by: zAp
Current leader(-s): Killer, CaLiFoRnIa
Members: 13
Country: International
Homepage: uf-clan.clangrid.com/
IRC: irc.gamesurge.net #Unlimited-Frags


On a cold, lonely night, zAp sought to create a clan. He had been playing with RoyalPhOeniX for some time, and offered him membership. While brainstorming some possible clan names, RoyalPhOeniX suggested Unlimited Frags. FireAtWill became a leader on January 16, 2009. But in late January 2009, a uF*-member did something disrespectful to a member of Commodore64-clan. zAp had apparently decided to kick the player from the clan without any other consultation. This caused many players to leave in dislike of zAp's ways. Long story short, the clan eventually collapsed, leaving uF with almost no members. Those that remained decided to revive the clan, and have now basically started over.

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