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Founded on:2007-09-03
Founded by:Nighthawk, Satyrus
Current leaders:Nighthawk

The Commodore64 Clan (or C=64) is a multigame clan.


The C=64 clan is a group started by a Commodore 64 owner and his friend. [Note: |C=64 is an alternate tag used when a member's handle would be chopped off by a scoreboard from having too many characters] Those two people being 8bit (now known as Nighthawk) and Satyrus. Starting somewhere in September of 2007, the clan has slowly grown to around 10 members. Despite its size it has been stable and maintains a presence in the community. Having no rivals it's been able to maintain friendly relations with most AssaultCube clans. The clan also plays Digital Paint 2 but has little involvement in the rest of its community. Recently C=64 has adopted Urban Terror as it's third and final game. 8bit and Satyrus proceeded to re-structure the clan into three different teams. One for each game. They also began redoing their website. Adding a forum and IRC channel around August 30, 2008. You can read a more detailed history here.


On June 4, 2008 C=64 made an alliance with Tactical Alliance 7. Around July 27, 2008 TA7 disbanded, thus ending the alliance.


After restructuring, recruiting and the rules the clan follows changed. Recruiting for AssaultCube is closed. Invitation only was adopted on August 16, 2008. Recruiting is open, however, for Urban Terror and Digital Paint 2.

Recruiting for all teams is open as of May 6, 2009.

Leaving of some members in May 2009

In May 2009, the clan was partially split after a portion of its members, Undead, XFA, Peanut, .L0rdzZ and Apex left.


C=64 runs a few small servers. You can see a list of them on their site under "Servers".

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