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RadioActive was a clan in the AssaultCube community.

Clantag: =RA=
Founded on: Sep 25th 2008
Founded by: Elcol, Thorite
Current leader(-s): Elcol, Thorite
Members: 11
Country: International
IRC: irc://


The beginning

The clan was originally supposed to be started with ElCol and Patillac, but before the clan started, Patillac left due to personal reasons. ElCol then teamed up with Oblivion and they came up with the name RadioActive. Oblivion then changed his name to Thorite, after that, the clan kicked off. On September 2008, 25th the clan was then officially announced at the AssaultCube forum. Its goal: to enjoy the more they can the game AssaultCube they want.

Short after that recruitement have begun: To join them, you will have to proove that you are neither a cheater nor a newbie player, by being tested by their best players in the game modes AssaultCube provides us (TOSOK and CTF mainly ). But the most important skill they want you to have is to be fair, polite with others, and to let other guys enjoy the game!

Change in structure

After three months the RadioActive clan has become very active in the AssaultCube community. But its five members have noticed a problem: cause 2 of them are american and three others are from europe, it becomes more and more problematic to see everyone regularly on the web. As a result they have decided to split the clan internally into two divisions: the American Group and the European Group.

  • American Group:
    • Leaders: Thorite & ElCol
    • Group members: Zomg!, Cage, Revenger
  • European Group:
    • Leaders: Ir0N_Z0rG, SubZ
    • Group members: DaemonFall, M!tic, AwAkEn3D, Spoky

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