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Operation: Onslaught also known as o2|, is an AssaultCube clan.

Founded on:Aug 19 2010
Founded by:Evanzo23, GhostE_
Current leaders:Evanzo23, GhostE_


Operation: Onslaught was created on August 19th, 2010th by evanzo23 and GhostE_. After leaving their home clans, GhostE_ and evanzo23 decided to form o2|, with 2 members immediately flooding in, they were very ecstatic about what the future will bring. They've been owning noobs, and gaining respect from that day on.

Elise's Death

Elise, born on the August 13th 1993, passed away at the age of 17, December 10, 2010. The cold harsh winter of Sweden took its tribute. Becoming depressive she decided to end her life. She will never be forgotten by any of us, GhostE_, Spamma, aerkefiende, Shield, the o2| clan and the AssaultCube community.


Operation: Onslaught is open recruitment clan. This means, the individual has the option to create an application or be openly invited. Unlike some clans, skill is a important asset into becoming a member. But skill is not the only thing we look for, we also look forward to friendly, mature and respectful recruits.


Nickname Join Date Location
evanzo23 2010/08 Flag us.png USA
GhostE_ 2010/08 Flag br.png Brazil
GrottenHexe 2010/09 Flag de.png Germany
Cross 2010/09 Flag us.png USA
Gibstick 2010/10 Flag ca.png Canada
AMadPotato 2010/09 Flag us.png USA
Spamma 2010/10 Flag gb.png UK
ascaryblackman 2010/10 Flag ca.png Canada



- All current o2| run the TyD Blacklist and contain a fluent and integrated map rotation.

Name IP/Domain Max Players Owner Location Logging Automap Blacklist Ladder Available
o2│Harisha 14 evanzo23 USA yes yes yes no 24/7
o2│Airo 12 GhostE USA yes yes yes no Often

AssaultCube World Records

- GrottenHexe currently holds, the longest streak on the High-Skill; Spending a total of 23 hours straight.

List Of Former Members

  • ImmaCripple
  • Elise
  • BrEaK