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Clantag: Gyr0|
Founded on: Decemember 2nd, 2010
Founded by: Morsey
Current leader(-s): Morsey
Members: 2
Country: International

Gyr0 is an AssaultCube clan.


The Gyr0 clan was born on the 2nd of December, 2010 by Jessie (formerly known as Morse). Gyr0 clan was born to be a respected, dedicated Assaultcube clan. It's main characteristics is it's high expectations for all of it's members. General attitude is a prime factor as we don't enjoy the company of arrogent, disrespectful, rude and moany gamers. Also other clans and players will not enjoy playing or talking with us due to those players. We expect from you a respectful attitude in game and out of it. Be it on the forums, IRC channel or skype, teamspeak, vent, mumble etc. Dedication means to leave your clan before applying to us, in our eyes our members should have a policy of "Gyr0 or nothing". [Gyr0 Expectations =]