Global Strike Force

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Global Strike Force also known as GsF| is an AssaultCube clan.

Global Strike Force
Clantag: GsF|
Founded on: 01/17/2011
Founded by: Nativo, Oh!Mandy
Current leader(-s): Nativo, WalRuS10, Jpablon
Members: 9
Country: International

General Info

International (Spanish is our main language) clan for people that plays for fun, skills are wellcome but not necesary to join. We give more importance to the activity within the comunity and friendship. We are not exclusive, everyone can be part of our community all you need to know is respect and honor...


Name IP/Domain Max Players Mode Logging Blacklist Available
Zonda 16 Public yes yes 24/7
Pampero 12 Public yes yes 24/7
Sudestada 20 Public yes yes 24/7
Coopedit 8 Coopedit yes yes 24/7
Shevesha 10 Match yes yes 24/7
Riachuelo 10 Match yes yes 24/7
  • You can replace in the connect for for those who use scripts that depend on fix ips such as claimadmin.
  • TeamSpeak 3 Server (permanent free channels available):

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