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Gears of Destruction also known as {GoD} is an AssaultCube clan.

Gears of Destruction
Clantag: {GoD}
Founded on: 9/15/2011
Founded by: -H0M3R, Riceboy, Volk
Current leader(-s): -H0M3R, Riceboy, Beta
Members: 8
Country: International
IRC: #godlycubers_test_channel @

General Info

Gears of Destruction is a clan that enjoys mapping, playing clan matches, ladders, and mostly having fun. It was created by Two German AssaultCube players, and was revived in 2011 for the second time. It was revived by –H0M3R.

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{GoD} Legends

SMG_3m: Ex- CoLeader (Joined FD* - after the {GoD} Collapse) -H0M3R: Current {GoD} Leader Ex-{GoD} Member. Riceboy: Server Hosting. GoSu*: GoSu* (Tyrannous) is the Brother to Riceboy. His expertise are in TOSOK and OSOK Games. AngryNacho: AngryNacho an ex [EDH] Member. Which was run by Riceboy and GoSu*. AngryNacho is the Newest member to {GoD}. He along with Riceboy and GoSu* are our Top 3 mappers. Jg99: Has never actually been in {GoD}. Last known leader/founder of =AoW=. Helped us get on wiki. DoD: Clan: DoD: was founded by Ex =AoW= Members, thanks for their match. They helped us get on the wiki!


They are on mostly

IP/Domain Server Name Max Players Owner Location Logging Blacklist Ladder Available 28767 Ricey{GoD}’s Server of LOVE! unknown Riceboy USA yes yes No Mostly 28763 {GoD} Coop/Match Server unknown Riceboy USA yes yes no Mostly


The Gears of Destruction Downfall was a tragic time for {GoD}. Most members of the clan went towards. Fundog's FD*. H0M3R remained clanless for a while (He went under the Name OFFLINE) Then he decided to found {StD} (Snipers till Death). But that only lasted a few days. The Co-Leader quit. So -H0M3R remained clanless for a few weeks. Till he joined |SK|. The |SK| clan treated him well. In early 2010 he had glandula fever, and his parents banned him from and FPS games. In 2010, he decided to go play adventure quest. In early 2011 he started playing runescape again. He started AssaultCube again in May 2011. His brother (M!L0) Joined [EDH] a mapping clan lead by Riceboy+_+, and Tyrannous (GoSu*). -H0M3R then joined for a few days. After which he joined iOD| But that lasted less than a day. He also joined =AoW= lead by Jg99 Who is now a proud member of iOD| and hoster to several servers. After leaving iOD| he created |CD| Which was founded by -H0M3R, Riceboy and Volk. GoSu* joined shortly after.

|CD| changed their name after having a french player who was impersonating e$a|coOk!e|L|. Which {GoD} did not accept as they were good friends with the e$a| clan.

User Biographies


H0M3R revived {GoD}. He enjoys modding, going on the forums, playing on ladders, enjoying Gemas.


Riceboy was ex leader of [EDH] he runs 2 servers for {GoD} he is the Co-Leader to {GoD}.


Volk met -H0M3R in game. On his first day. He lives in Texas and is an Ex Counterstrike Gamer. -H0M3R taught him stratergys. He is now partly retired.


Gosu Brother to Riceboy, is our TOSOK Proffesional. He is also a great mapper.


Not the same people. They were chosen By -H0M3R to be our mappers. There maps are found mostly in Riceboy's Server.


Ger{GoD} is our newest player, also new to the world of assaultcube. He is from Germany and is -H0M3R's Homestay.

Ladders GoD plays on

We are currently very active on the {BoB} ladder. Where we hang out with our friends.

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