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Founded on:October 6 2010
Founded by:Ares (Reborn by X-Ray_Dog)
Current leaders:Thrawn and X-Ray_Dog
IRC:#acfox on Gamesurge

The clan Fox is known as the "sneaky clan of AssaultCube".

A little about us

We look for moderately skilled players that have a good sense of the game. We also look for polite players and those that act out are given warnings and may ultimately become kicked. We are a moderately skilled clan with some of the nicest and active players! We also have a few great mappers that occasionally release a nice map or two. We are not huge on clan matches but rather like to just have fun playing the game while still being competitive. We also look to improve all skills and learn new tricks whenever they become discovered. We are also very helpful towards each other and occasionally make a script or some type of skin for each other. Hope to see you here! We are very organized and very mature players and follow very good rules and have the utmost respect for each other.

A Little History

|FOX| Clan was started back in October of 2010 by Ares. It was started during a time where clans were popping up like crazy in the AC community. Ares was soon off recruiting random people to join without question. He got members rolling in and soon created his own site for the clan in November of 2010, a month later. The clan continued to prosper, but not much was done to keep it intact. About 10 or so members later, X-Ray_Dog joined the clan with his good friend Thrawn who had joined a few days earlier. Since then, the two worked with Ares to keep the clan intact, offering a set of rules and two clan servers.

The clan continued to grow into December of 2010, but stress built up between Ares and X-Ray_Dog because Ares was quite the strict one going off of "do as I say, not as I do" type of personality. However he was more lenient with X-Ray_Dog since he did host the clans only servers. But much of that changed come winter break from school mid December when Ares had abused admin beyond the server owners rules and Ares therefore lost his admin privileges. He retaliated by kicking X-Ray_Dog from the clan, and on the same day lost his servers. Starting that day, much of the clan began to leave and go inactive. Ares lost respect from members and Thrawn quit not long after. After a short period of time, Ares contacted X-Ray_Dog in hopes that he would rejoin and have help from Thrawn that they would keep the clan going, but due to an ongoing conflict between X-Ray_Dog and Ares, they refused.

The next day, Ares had given up all hope and offered full control of the |FOX| clan to X-Ray_Dog which he then accepted. The clan was a mess and so was the clan's website. X-Ray_Dog in the meantime, convinced Thrawn to rejoin and partner with him to restart the clan. X-Ray_Dog created a new and much more organized site that is currently acfox. The mascot was also changed from BMX Racing, to the better known Fox Animal. More rules were laid down and a common recruitment system was put into place. The clan regained some of its existing members that had actually worked to join it rather than just jumping in, and made some new ones along the way. |FOX| currently sits as an intermediate clan and is well known throughout the community and has regained its reputation. X-Ray_Dog and Thrawn currently own the |FOX| clan and host servers for it. It was decided however to keep the forums simple and private, giving the clan a place to be free to speak with limited public criticism.

October 6th, |FOX| closed. Biggest question of the day: Why? Biggest answer of the day: Because. Elaborating, X-Ray_Dog and Thrawn felt that so much had happened, both personally and AC wise that it had to be closed. We have had inactivity problems and a lot of critics but that only played such a part in their reason. |FOX| was a victory clan, we worked together, we had the greatest participation, and we had a good run. It seems we have slipped into a hole and such measures must be taken. We were more than just a clan (Here comes cliche part), but we all here were strong friends and the older members all went through the same shit. We all knew each other to a pretty strong extent and we did a lot together. Administration was not passed. This clan was wrapped around Thrawn and X-Ray_Dog so they are the only ones who should ever have control. |FOX| is nothing without its leaders, or its members alone. Everyone has done something great for us, but everything good has to end at one point. |FOX| has made its name in AC, so it is asked that you leave it as it is. We thank you for your time, and most of all your participation, but its time to go. Remember: Expect the Unexpected. NEVER forget that, even after |FOX|, for life, for games, for everything.

    Officially closed October 6th; age of clan: 1 year; Happy Birthday! 

Admins and Moderators


  • |FOX|X-Ray_Dog
  • |FOX|Thrawn


  • |FOX|Exia
  • |FOX|Asswipe
  • |FOX|Jack
  • |FOX|BearenWolf
  • |FOX|*Champion

How can I join?

~Recruitment has been closed~

|FOX| is currently limited to only accepting 30 members to keep spam down so claim your seat fast! If you are looking to join our clan, you must:

1) Have been invited by one of our clan Administrators or Moderators. Feel free to ask one as well.

2) Must have been tested against one of our Administrators and have talked to a Moderator thereafter a successful test for your second test. Have a look at our site members list for Admin and Moderator information.

3) If both skill tests are passed, you must submit an application for clan evaluation. Your form will be posted on our forums live and a vote will be held for seven days total. In that time you must get a 4:1 yes vote ratio in order to be fully accepted. Your vote score is revealed and emailed to you at the end of the evaluation period upon request. Please go to our Rules page to see the full test and application.

Please know that the application is a Microsoft Word download.

If you fail to have a passing vote the first time, you may re-apply after a 30 day grace period. This delay is here for you to take the time to try and fix any problems you may be having with a few members to get that last needed vote. If for some reason, after you re-apply and the vote fails once again, you will not be admitted into the Fox clan.

If you have any other questions, remember to fully check recruitment and our FaQ.


Have a question about setting up a server? Take a peak at our "How to make Assault cube servers" video on our site under the videos page, or ask one of our members in our chat.

Name IP/Domain Max Players Owner Location Logging Blacklist Password Available
FOX Clan Server 20 Yarukinasu USA yes yes no Off
FOX Hyperblast 8 X-Ray_Dog USA yes yes no Off
FOX Underground 6 X-Ray_Dog USA yes yes no Off
FOX Reloaded 6 X-Ray_Dog USA yes yes match Off
FOX Testing Server 6 Thrawn USA yes yes no Off

The servers listed above are official |FOX| clan servers and are maintained by multiple parties. All other |FOX| labeled servers are the sole responsibility of its owner and not the clan which may even be a falsely labeled server.

Server bans last 60 minutes on Coop servers. If it happens to last longer, then you have been blacklisted. Please allow time for the ban to be lifted before assuming you have been blacklisted. There is an auto ban for team killing set at -3.

If you are looking for a server admin, all clan Administrators and Moderators have a valid working pass as well as a few members. Clan members may or may not have an admin pass. Please see our clan roster for more information about this. If ever there seems to be a problem with a server or someone in it, please contact X-Ray_Dog with information about the situation and show proof if necessary.

Getting An Admin Pass

Please visit our Servers page listed under Info in the navigation bar for all of your informational needs.

Extra info

1) Please note that the members listed on the members page of the site may or may not be in |FOX|. Please use the official members list listed under the information tab from the navigation bar.

2) Our clan colors are: Red, orange, brown, and white

3) Players gone inactive for two months are kicked from the clan.

4) Our forums are locked and are for registered clan members only. If you feel that you must post something, talk in our guestbook or chat. You do not need to be registered to view our informative and entertaining photos and videos.

5) If you hadn't noticed, our tag indeed has no acronym and is solely based off of the animal.

6) The clan made it to be one year old.

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