Castrating TOSOK Killers

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Castrating TOSOK Killers is a clan in the AssaultCube community.

Castrating TOSOK Killers
Clantag: =CTK=
Founded on: May 17, 2009
Founded by: KFCDAN, Riku
Current leader(-s): Acropolips, Chill, TheCrema, KFCDAN
Members: 6
Country: International


Castrating TOSOK Killers was founded by Wolf and KFCDan. After gathering some members, CTK quickly rose to become a powerful clan. Witness and TheCrema became co-leaders really quick. After a fight between members Witness, Shine and Lefteris, Witness kicked a few people out of the clan without permission, and people started quitting out of control, including the founder Wolf and TheCrema. Acropolips was placed as co-leader until the clan finally collapsed at the end of June.

On August the 10th 2009, the former members Acropolips, Chill and TheCrema decided to refound Castrating TOSOK Killers, now with a leading council. Later on KFCDan came back to join this council. They are currently trying to rebuild the clan to its former strength.



Name IP/Domain Max Players Owner Location Logging Automap Blacklist Ladder Available
=CTK= Public Server 20 TheCrema United States yes yes yes no 24/7
=CTK= Clan Match Server 8 TheCrema United States yes yes yes no 24/7
=CTK= Match Server 2 TheCrema United States yes yes yes no 24/7

Members of =CTK=


  • =CTK=Acropolips
  • =CTK=TheCrema
  • =CTK=Chill
  • =CTK=KfcDan (founder)


  • =CTK=Lefteris
  • =CTK=Boomhauer