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AFH| also known as Angels From Hell is an AssaultCube clan.

Angels From Hell
Founded on:12/09/11
Founded by:NoVa. Crystal
Current leaders:NoVa. MasterKaen, Crystal
IRC:#afh-clan @ gamesurge



Angels From Hell is a friendly clan which members are mainly around the United States and New Zealand. Angels From Hell was founded by 2 friends, I<3Crystal and NoVa. (Now known as Alice). Our goal was to be a friendly clan which hosts their own servers. We currently host 8 servers, 7 in-game and 1 teamspeak server. We love to play clan-matches and talk to our friends in-game! If you are interested in applying or just to say hey come and visit our website.


We are currently recruiting players that have skill. If you are interested in applying fill out the application on our website.



Name Rank Joined Location
Ramb0 Founder 9th December 2011 New Zealand
Hikari Leader 31st January 2012 New Zealand
Infect. Elite Moderator 29th January 2012 Finland
Power Member 20th December 2011 France
Gassy Member 31st January 2012 Belguim


  • Newbie
  • Feng
  • Kaen
  • Sister
  • I<3Crystal
  • MerCyKiL
  • Giannis


Assault Cube

Name IP/Domain Max Players Owner Location Logging Blacklist Available
Plato Private/Match 16 Masterkaen USA yes yes 24/7
Socrates T/OSOK 20 Masterkaen USA yes yes 24/7
Aristotle 20 Masterkaen USA yes yes 24/7
AFH - Cyclops 10 Alice Australia yes yes 24/7
Aztecs CTF/HTF 12 I<3Crystal|AFH USA yes yes Part time
Mayans 6 I<3Crystal|AFH USA yes yes Part time
Christmas TOSOK/CTF 12 I<3Crystal|AFH USA yes yes Part time


Name IP/Domain Max Users Owner Location Available
AFH| Clan 10 Alice New Zealand 24/7

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