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The score system implemented in the 1.1 release of AssaultCube is designed to encourage team play. It acts as a replacement for the ratio display from past versions, which rewarded spammers, campers, and in general, very selfish players. The idea here is that the "good" player (and therefore the highest scoring player) carries his team by playing the objective, protecting his teammates, and eliminating his enemies.


As of the 1.1 release, some factions of the community have greatly advocated the return of ratio to the game, and have demanded sweeping changes in the score system. The issue here mainly falls with the way certain types of actions award points.

For example, one disputed area is voicecom covering. If flagrunner A uses the "Cover me!" voicecom, and his teammate player B responds with "Yes," any covering kills that player makes are worth 5 extra points as long as the flag is held.

In response to some criticism, as well as the need to expand and clarify the system, the developers, especially Brahma, are in the process of re-working some aspects of it.


Table to come soon.

AC1.1 score system (Brahma's post)

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