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Ingame names

KH|Greifenstein, oftenly with the 't' substituted by a '+'


|KH|Metzgore, sometimes with the 'o' substituted by a '0'. [Yes, i like it trendy.]

AC experience

First encounters and games in the times of ActionCube, followed by a break of several months. Competitive gaming and higher activity in AssaultCube v0.93 with the clan membership beginning in the later days of that version.

Clan activity

Member of the Kell Hounds AssaultCube Clan (KH) since September 2007. Webmaster of the clan's homepage and member of the council respectively co-leader of the Kell Hounds.

Favourite equation of the month

<math> \frac{\partial }{\partial t}\iiint_{V}^{}{\rho dV} + \iint_{S}^{}{\rho \underline{v}\cdot \underline{dS}} = 0 </math>

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