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Nade-Freaks! is a clan in the AssaultCube community.

Clantag: ^NF^
Founded on: October 3, 2007
Founded by: DayDream, bobeya
Current leader(-s): DayDream, bobeya
Members: 4
Country: International


The Beginning

Back in the 0.93 area bobeya and Nightmare decided they wanted to make a clan that was based on one of their favorite weapons - Nades. After the death of *BA* bobeya wanted to create another clan but Nightmare had some objections to the idea. Therefore they went their separate ways. Within three weeks there were only two members in the clan, Atrid0r and Glock (recruited by bobeya). Nightmare soon decided it was best to come back and help bobeya with the clan. Later he made ^NF^’s first website (and soon after) a forum.

The “Golden Days”

After the forum and website was placed, the clan continued to recruit new members at this point there were 12 members, three gaming servers and a Ventrillo server (Thanks to MuSiCrOcKeR).

The Death

Soon members started to leave, the website was getting shut down and the servers disappeared. Bobeya and Nightmare (now changed his name to DayDream) tried to keep the clan and website alive by appointing others members as new leader and officers. From this point forward the new leader was Grifster and the officers were Grimn777 and Rickels. In December 2008, DayDream announced on the forums that he was leaving the clan and shortly after bobeya left the clan.

The Re-birth of ^NF^

Soon after DayDream made it into Redemption Gam!ng, but a computer virus forced him to stop playing AC for months, and bobeya just disappeared. When DayDream came back he was soon to learn that his new clan just died. He then joined Unlimited Frags for a short time, and when he left, he took Johnster with him. Bobeya came back to AC and they decided to restart ^NF^.

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