5th AssaultCube Mapping Competition

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The 5th Assaultcube Mapping Competition was a community event created by Halo, held from January 10th 2011 to April 10th 2011.


The event started January 10, 2011, when it was first announced on the AssaultCube forum. It was based on the idea that mappers would get more competitive to produce high quality maps, as the other Mapping Contests did. When the topic was posted, Halo said:

We are following a hot topic on the theme, the theme is in the topic name ;)

"goes green" is the theme, by this it leaves some room to work with, this could be from the sewer theme, to the grassland/wasteland theme, to even something like toxic, let yourself be free a bit, just keep to the greenish look ;)


For this competition, there was not only one prize. There was the usual prize of a $50 Amazon Gift Card, for the best map voted by the judges, but there was also another $25 Amazon Gift Card for the best new-comer. To be eligible as a new-comer, the contestant must post along with the map, that they are new to mapping. The conditions for being elgible as a new-comer were simple: 2 or less maps made total

Halo also mentioned the condition of prize division between groups with a new-comer;

if you are new and working with a coop partner, this still counts as a new mapper, but only the new person in the team will get the gift card (so please define who is new), if there are multiply people in the group who are new to mapping, its between those persons to define how to split it


The 5th Assaultcube Mapping Competition consisted of the following competition rules:

  • Map wasn't released anywhere before
  • One map per person (more than one person per map is fine)
  • No stealing
  • No judge was involved in the process of making the map
  • Anyone can enter, no requirements are set based off mapping experience
  • Coop maps can be created as mentioned
you can make a coop map, but all people must be listed and they must not be listed on another map that is for the contest (in the case a coop map wins, its up to the persons who made the map to decide on how to split the prize, not the judges)
  • Custom content can also be used as said in the orginal topic
Custom Media is allowed, but it may not affect gameplay (i.e mapmodels that not everyone would have)

custom skybox, textures, mapmodels (when not in the field of play), sounds, etc, are allowed and there is no limit to the number you may use.


Restrictions for the contest are as follows:

  • Green themed

Unlike the 4th Mapping Contest it did not have to be made for the purpose of a team orentated mode. It could be made for an arena style match.


  • a_slow_old_man
  • Ruthless
  • Sanzo
  • Woolly


The types of things being judged in the maps were:

  • Theme
  • Layout / Gameplay
  • Lighting
  • Detail
  • Average (of all above)

To settle disputes or ties between judges, they selected a chairman to have the final say. The round's chairman was pwnage.


Click the name of the map to download it.


Total points: 37.2/40

Total points: 35.4/40

Total points: 32.5/40

Total points: 24.8/40

Total points: 22.4/40

Total points: 21.2/40

Total points: 18.2/40

Best newcomer results

  • ac_majik by Robtics (Newcomer): Winner #2

Total points: 31.4/40

Total points: 27.2/40

Total points: 18.7/40

Total points: 11.5/40

Total points: 10.8/40