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World United Team (known as \WuT/) are here to enjoy the game and the clan is making its way to the top.

World United Team
Founded on:10th of February 2010
Founded by:Killight
Current leaders:Killight, WhiteBlade


The World United Team clan was founded on the 10th of February 2010 by Killight and WhiteBlade.

Killight decided to make an international clan because he wanted to be free, he was passionate about creating maps, new weapons, assaultcube reconvertions, and lots of incredible things.

He wanted to play alongside players in other countries. After being here for almost a year, the World United Team built it own reputation of a fair and strong clan.

\WuT/ plays a lot, but also creates wonderful maps, and new 3D models.

The clans aim is to be one of the most popular clan in AssaultCube and to be a free community with people from all around the world.

The World United Team's gaming experience is unique.

List of members

Leaders : \WuT/Killight and \WuT/WhiteBlade

Co-Leaders : \WuT/Nutshot and \WuT/Fur@x

M.O.W. (Official Maping Group of WuT) : \WuT/Zut and \WuT/R0x@S

Soldiers : \WuT/DeathGun, \WuT/Etolas, \WuT/the_scrim.

List of former members

  • #Stoned*
  • antore
  • Dragkill
  • Tit64
  • anthore
  • Die
  • Niix
  • karlou
  • stark
  • skriabine
  • wardeath
  • dAeS
  • Sm[O.o]v3
  • Xx_ToF_xX
  • EMMA84850
  • Headlo$t
  • X-15
  • Falcko
  • Ced|fr
  • Ellinia
  • Ellena""


Name IP/Domain Max Players Owner Location Available
= \World United Team / = Coop /connect 28763 20 Killight France yes
= \World United Team / = Coop /connect 45321 10 Killight France yes
\WuT/ Official Custom Maps Team Server /connect 65233 20 Killight France yes
\WuT/ Official Match#1 Team Server /connect 45212 10 Killight France yes
\WuT/ Official Match#2 Team Server /connect 45123 18 Killight France yes
\WuT/ Official Match#3 Team Server /connect 45310 10 Killight France yes

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