VAH clan

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VAH clan
Founded on:July 10, 2016
Founded by:by Vahe
Current leaders:B[] BlueTu
IRC:freenode #vah

VAH clan also known as |VAH|- is an AssaultCube clan.

Clan for friends...


The clan was created on 07/2016, it happened when we were playing together (ASHIR, Counter and Vahe) when we decided to create a clan for friends. We then began to find friends and play for fun. Sometimes we play inter-clan matches, but it is not the purpose of the clan. We have new-comers and old players, there are good players and bad, but when choosing a player for our clan the main thing we look for is the player is a good person and likes to make friends. Our clan is free, we don’t have a forum and it is not necessary to write an application to join the clan. We consider ourselves a good clan, so if you want to to join - please go ahead and we will make sure you feel at home. We really appreciate our members and everything they help us with.



The clan communicates via an IRC channel located at [] on the #vah channel. An IRC client has been added to the clan site, which links straight to the IRC channel. The IRC channel can be used from the website, or if you choose you can use your own IRC client.


Server List
Name IP Address Port Availability Country
 :VAH: Clan Server 28763 24/7 Russian