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Real name: Jason | Real age: 16 | Current Clan: =MyS= | Former Clans: epic. |eR| legacy. | Country: England // United Kingdom | AssaultCube Playtime: 1.5 years. | Gaming Experience: 4 years. | Mentor: Davitomon, Larry

About Jason!

Jason! is a 16 year old guy from the rural midlands of England, he enjoys technical stuff and English, having built his first computer when he was 12, started gaming when he was 10, and has had A*’s throughout every English exam he has sat (to date). He has had experience in numerous games, leaving his mark on them all in his own way. In late 2007 he started playing Counter-Strike 1.6, where he actively started playing on a single french clan server run by team.Akril. Long story short, he joined the team. In the time period with which he played with Bolger, Heaven, Akabane and NoLvl in just pubs, or in clan matches, Akril were a high ranked European team, beating the likes of mouse-sports, and PNG. After losing out to another team (who Jason does not want to name ;P) in the CS 1.6 Autumn Amateur Finals 2008 (not LAN), he decided to quit to move to another game. This would be Left 4 Dead, however, his time with 'team.Bakuro' (mix team) was short lived, and although they had a rough 80% win rate, they decided to split to join different respectable teams, it was soon after he moved to AssaultCube, where he would reign terror with his AR, and leave bloody stains over the enemies base.

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