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Top Gunner Squad (known as ~TgS~) is an international clan.

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Top Gunner Squad
Founded on:July 24th 2010
Founded by:Droid, Reloading, Nighthawkd
Current leaders:elite and NightHawkd


Top Gunner Squad was founded by NightHawkd, Droid, and Reloading. It was founded because the leader of the clan they were in became inactive and they wished to build a new clan that would become well known.


~TgS~ has its roots from |Z!P|. The leader of Z!P was very inactive, so Droid, Reloading, and NightHawkd decided that they would make a new clan. Once ~TgS~ was made, some or all of the members from |Z!P| came over to ~TgS~ and they started anew. The first few months went great, and the clan became a respected clan. The first real problem the clan had to face was the forums being deleted by Aaron and Tyler (ex ~TgS~ members). After that incident, the clan started to fall apart. After a while, the clan got back together and started to become more active.

After Droid was chosen by most clan members to take leadership, things started to improve for the better. New recruits, competitive teams and a whole lot of other noted achievements were the simple essences of what he did to furthermore take ~TgS~ to the next level.

One of the most noted unstoppable team consisted of ~TgS~XsamaX with ~TgS~Praetor. Both of them having illustrious skills helped the clan win a lot of battles.

After that era, specifically speaking after December 2010, ~TgS~ began to fall apart having the clan members leaving due to personal reasons (work, school, etc…). Being decreased from 13 to 3 dedicated members (Droid, elite and TaC), the clan faced some hard time with activity and recruitment. Recruitment, claimed by ex-Clan Leader Droid as “tough” at that time, was pretty much what made him quit leading the clan. At that moment, ~TgS~ was really about to die. Elite Stepped up to take leadership and continue the ~TgS~ legacy. As a quote from his post at “Due to the continuous resignation of most of our clan members, we were struggling with activity lately on the AC scene. Each member had a valid reason and even some of them quit playing AC. After a long overdue, our leader had to leave the clan. Recruiting skillful players up to the TgS standards was very tough and him being the only one active in that specific time span was even tougher. We appreciate all the time taken by those honorable members that really induced a good image for the public.”

The new leader, elite, started recruiting applicants from mid to high skills. ~TgS~Google joined the clan later on and dedicated his time on creating a new site for the clan. The first site was a great template for the current site @

Some ex-clan members returned which furthermore enhanced the overall clan experience. Now ~TgS~ is proud to have 10 skillful clan players playing professionally, respecting other players and stepping up their gameplay day after day.


  • NightHawkd
  • elite
  • Google
  • Toxicchix
  • Hnz.Conas

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