The Sniper Alliance

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The Sniper Alliance
Founded on:February 14, 2010
Founded by:Wafflepwn
Current leaders:None; Senate (council)
IRC:Gamesurge #=SA=

The Sniper Alliance (known as =SA=) is an international clan.


The Sniper Alliance was created on February 14, 2010. In the beginning the clan began under the name T$A with leadership under the founder Wafflepwn. Shortly thereafter as a request T$R, T$A changed its name to =SA= in order to avoid confusion between the clans.

A few months after the clan was founded, Wafflepwn decided to leave the clan for personal reasons. A meeting with key importance was held in which by unanimous vote placed Comet in the leadership position. All administration level members were given the title of Founding Members([FM]). Together they shaped the foundation of the clan, planning and implementing its operating structure, core rules and values.

As of today, =SA= is led by a council of devoted and respected members called the "Senate", but most clan decisions are made democratically by the entire clan.


Recruitment is currently open for The Sniper Alliance. They look for a good attitude, loyalty, friendliness, and potential to grow as a player.

Further details can be found on the clan forum:

-Application instructions:

-What =SA= values and looks for:

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