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|title       = 
|imageleft   = 

|group1      = 
|groupstyle1 = 
|list1       = 

|group2      = 
|groupstyle2 = 
|list2       = 
|group6      = 
|groupstyle6 =
|list6       = 
title - text in the title bar.
titlestyle - a CSS style for the title-bar, such as: background:gray;
groupstyle - a CSS style for all group-cells, such as: background:#eee;
groupstylen - a CSS style for the goup-cell-n, such as: background:#eee;
liststyle - a CSS style for all list-cells, such as: background:#eee;
imageleft - an optional left-side image.
groupn - the left-side text before list-n (if group-n omitted, list-n starts at left of box).
listn - text listing wikilinks, often separated by a dot