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Scr3W is an AssaultCube clan founded by <sCr3W>Nucka, <sCr3W>T-Mac and <sCr3W>Snow.

Clantag: SCr3W
Founded on: 6/22/2010
Founded by: Nucka, T-Mac, Snow
Current leader(-s): K4D4\/3R'
Members: 70
Country: International


SCr3W was founded in early 2010. Because of work the former leader left under the leadership of K4D4\/3R'. K4D4\/3R' Has been leader since October 2010. The old website that had 169 registered members but many were inactive. It abandoned because it needed to be updated. In order to upgrade the clan offered a new test to all members interested in continuing playing with the clan. It being a fairly difficult test to pass, it weeded out the good from the bad, this test strengthened the clan. Members who got cut where encouraged to re-apply after some personal training. The new website address listed above was made at the end of 2010 to give a new face to the clan. The clan has been growing each day and is composed of faithful members.

SCr3W clan is more than one clan is a family.

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