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Your primary weapon is the one you'll most often use for defeating enemies. This does not mean your overall favorite, but rather the one you are using at any given time. A list of the primary weapons is below, along with a description of their advantages and disadvantages.

The default weapon is the assault rifle. However, you can change this at any time in-game by pushing B, by typing /showmenu weapons, or by using the item command. You will use your chosen weapon following your next respawn.

  • V-19 Combat Shotgun

The shotgun is the best weapon you can have for short encounters. It has longer range than the knife and can kill an unarmored target in one hit if you're close enough. At medium to long distances, you're better off switching to your pistol or throwing a grenade.

  • A-ARD/10 Submachine Gun (also known as the SMG)

This weapon fires fast, but is the weakest in the game. It has decent accuracy but at long ranges it becomes quite ineffective. Its fast firing rate means you'll probably waste quite a bit of ammo on enemies that have already died but have yet to show it due to latency. Try to get a feel for how many shots it usually takes to kill targets so you can minimize the amount of rounds you waste, but don't worry too much about it because you will naturally learn this as you play.

  • Precision Tech AD-81 Sniper Rifle

This weapon's high accuracy and scope mode make it ideal for long range combat (it is a sniper rifle, after all). It's not recommended for close quarters due to the long delay between shots, and its lack of a crosshair makes it challenging for medium range shots due to the difficulty of tracking moving targets while scoped, and difficulty of being accurate while unscoped. For this to be effective at short ranges you will have to make frequent use of the pistol and knife to finish off enemies.

  • MTP-57 Assault Rifle (also known as the AR)

This is a good all-around weapon, which is probably why it's the default. It's got half the magazine capacity and a slower firing rate than the submachine gun, but makes up for it in power and accuracy. It's got a large amount of recoil but this can be used to your advantage. The recoil makes it possible to jump over high obstacles and propel yourself backwards at very high speeds, which is useful for flag capturing. See the special movement page for instructions on how to perform these maneuvers.

  • TMP-M&A Carbine

This is the new weapon introduced in AC-1.1. Like the Sniper Rifle, this gun has quite good accuracy making it ideal for mid range or even long range combat due to its included crosshair but is unable to attain headshots. It is the third slowest gun to shoot and to fully reload but causes a nice 60hp of damage against a player at any distance. Using this gun with the knife makes an excellent combo for short range play.

There is no best weapon; they are all useful in different situations and you should be well trained with all of them. Most players have a favorite weapon they use most frequently, but good players should always be willing to switch to something else if the need arises.

The pistol and knife are called secondary weapons or backup weapons. These are usually for when you've run out of ammunition for your primary weapon but don't have the necessary time to reload. The pistol is also commonly used to finish off a player after you've shot them with the sniper rifle so you don't have to wait through the long delay between shots. Neither of these make good main weapons in most situations because the pistol has a very low magazine capacity and takes nearly all of those to kill an unarmored target, and the knife is useless if you're not close enough to touch the player, although it does do a whopping 50 damage with each slash.