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Origin 4 Gaming (known as O4|) is an International clan starring known members.

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O4 Gaming
Founded on:11-09-2011
Founded by:Bench., DarKnoT
Current leaders:Dust_RJ*


In days of old the makers of BCFH and 1st| were thinking about a new merge program.

Real soon now old players from DES, TaS, O3, IAF and others started to follow this idea: A new Clan with high-skilled gamers from several Assault Cube Clans all over the world. Bench pressed for the tag O4| but a name was still missing and some players made reservations because people could wrongly identify the tag as a new age of OnLy3. Short time later, DarKnoT created the name Origin 4 Gaming and the differentiation to O3 was made. Immediately after the first steps were done, O4 made a new agreement with RH. The brazil players joined O4 on the 5th January, 2012.

Origin 4 Gaming has also been characterized by Bench´s friend sick.girl (#LC*, O3|) and Robaum.