Obliteradores de Zonas Colossais

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Obliteradores de Zonas Colossais
Founded on:2007-7-20
Founded by:Malxan
Current leaders:Skullaxo

Obliteradores de Zonas Colossais (or [O.Z.C]) is known in Assault Cube clan and one of the oldest in activity in Brazil.


The Clan was founded by Malxan[O.Z.C] (now with the nickname Skullaxo[O.Z.C]) at the end of July holiday in 2007. In the beginning it was relatively easy, we will of members to play and knew that much of the image editing and Web sites, prioritize the beginning the organization and strengthening of the clan. Currently more than 2 years of activities the Clan [O.Z.C] is getting stronger and more known in Assault Cube, but we focus on playing on servers Brazilian x Brazilian, because as everyone knows it is like to speak our language: The Portuguese, even if we speak fluent English.


The recruiting for the [OZC] is directed to the Brazilian, if you want to try your luck on our test contact us in our community on orkut.

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