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A MediaPack (M.P.) is a package of additional media for AssaultCube. There are people who also call it a Map Pack, but it's actually for more than just maps!

November, 2nd 2011: You can now already consider this deprecated, a superior (far more user-friendly!) method of managing media is coming, not for the impending release but for sure in the one after that. Check out the PackageDownloader-branch in SVN

How-To Install

You might get URLs from your client - if a map's header contains the information - so you can enjoy maps you got through getmap in their full beauty. Simply get the URL printed to your console from the logfile and paste it into your browser; you will be redirected to the download-site for that MediaPack and receive a ZIP-file. Take the ZIP-file and uncompress it into your game-home. That's all.

How-To Package

Packaging is a bit more complex, naturally. You will need to create an appropriate text-file (called MP-listing) with a file-per-line of what the MediaPack provides. This text-file goes into packages/mediapack and is named after the following convention: YYxx - this means in 2010 the 1st MediaPack was called 1001, in 2011 the 23rd MediaPack is called 1123. To get your index-number (the xx bit) please speak to a member of the development team, but you can also just assume the number following the last released one - unless someone else is bundling one in parallel (and get's there first) that number will be correct.

Packaging textures

As an example: Say you've got some textures to provide that you've put into packages/textures/mytextures; three of them 001.jpg, 002.jpg and 003.png. Say you spoke to User:flowtron and he told you your M.P. would be 1123, then you create the file packages/mediapack/1123.txt with the following contents


Then you create a ZIP-file containing all the 4-files (the 1123.txt and the images) inside their proper subdirectories; finally you give it's URL to a member of the dev-team, so they can add it to the download-tool.

Packaging models

This is basically the same as for textures explained above. But you just put in the directories, not the actual files. Assuming your model data is


Then inside the MP-listing (packages/mediapack/1124.txt) you'd just put


Packaging maps

It get's a little more complicated for maps. You will have to re-save them after having prepared the package. This ensures that if someone uses getmap to download it in-game they will be told about the requirements. If your map doesn't require any media this step can be omitted, but if your MP contains textures/sounds/models that are used in the map it's necessary. But you don't put maps into the MP-listing! As an example: Say you've got a map that uses two non-default textures, a new sound and a model from MP-#1124; you've asked for your MP-index and got told it'll be #1125, then you create packages/mediapack/1125.txt with:


Then - assuming you've got MP-#1124 correctly installed - you open your map, simply save it again and you can then package your MP. The files included would be:

  1. packages/textures/mp1125/001.png
  2. packages/textures/mp1125/002.png
  3. packages/audio/ambience/mp1125_001.ogg
  4. packages/mediapack/1125.txt
  5. packages/maps/mp1125.cgz
  6. packages/maps/mp1125.cfg

To be sure you've done everything right you can also find out which requirements a map has by using the listmapdependencies command.