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Killer Apostles League also known as KAL| is an AssaultCube clan.

KAL's Official Logo

General Info

KAL was founded by LlamaDemon immediately after he disbanded his position in =SA= on May 14th 2011.

KAL's motto is "Kill to Unite, Unite to Kill"

The Killer Apostles league accepts english speaking members, does a moderate level of mapping and also runs full-time and part-time servers.

Current Members

Killer Apostles League
Clantag: KAL|
Founded on: May 14th 2011
Founded by: LlamaDemon
Current leader(-s): LlamaDemon, JamJam
Members: 6
Country: International
IRC: #KAL on gamesurge

  1. KAL|LlamaDemon [Founder]
  2. KAL|JamJamTheCalcMn [Reigning Member]
  3. KAL|MajHillis [Recruiter]
  4. KAL|Erv [Perv]
  5. KAL|*Suicide*
  6. KAL|GeneralLee
  7. KAL|Mason

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