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Clantag: -KUT-
Founded on: July 14, 2011
Founded by: Unharmed
Current leader(-s): Unharmed
Members: 10
Country: International
Homepage: kut.forumcommunity.net

KUT also known as -KUT- is an AssaultCube clan.

General Info

-KUT- is a specialized LSS-clan. It's our goal to recruit the best LSS players from all over the world! We can proudly say that we have come close to reaching this target. As passioned LSS players we would like some more competition in our mode. Public matches often lack of skill, so we decided to organize a LSS tournament, free for everyone to join! This partly to improve eachothers gameplay and partly to revive LSS in AssaultCube in general. Hopefully people will realize that it's not just throwing grenades with luck, but that there's a thought process involved and there definitely exists something as "Skill" in this mode.


The list of official -KUT- members:

  • Flag it.png DeathCrew
  • Kut-nl-flag.png Tokatore
  • Flag us.png tb@b
  • Flag pl.png NextOne
  • Flag fr.png MaryJane
  • Flag de.png Kurt


The list of players who are missing in action:

  • Kut-nl-flag.png Unharmed (founder)
  • Kut-nl-flag.png Pik@chu
  • Flag fr.png Erwan
  • Flag fr.png Glanum
  • Flag gb.png LE0
  • Flag gb.png Heretic
  • Flag tr.png Gagaalla
  • Blaze
  • Flag de.png Kenpachi
  • Flag br.png z1ngaro
  • Kut-nl-flag.png King
  • Flag it.png Saw_Joker

External Links

  • [kut.forumcommunity.net Website/Forum]