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Clantag: iF*
Founded on: April 25, 2013
Founded by: DrauL
Current leader(-s): InFamous Council
Members: 13
Country: International
IRC: irc://

inFamous also known as iF* is a non-competitive AssaultCube clan.



inFamous was started on the 25th of April, 2013 after a long debate on whether to start a new clan so late in the version, especially with so much inactivity with many community members. DrauL decided he would go ahead with his idea and create a non-competitive clan.

The clan gained steam very quickly, gaining 4 members in its first month, 5 members in its second and another 3 in its third month. This prompted the Council, at the time comprised of DrauL, LeChiffre, D33p6 and MerCyKiL to close applications. Near the end of July, the clans third month, Oracle (previously ShadowFlameZ) was appointed as a council member, and the first invited applicant, hugs, was accepted.

Attacks and Downtime

During the last few months of 2013 inFamous' site was targeted by a large bot net and attacked multiple times a day, several times a week. This affected the uptime of the site. The site was moved three times to different servers and attacks continued. While Australian AssaultCuber BULL3T admitted to the attacks, they continued.

DrauL got input from the clan and the decision was made to moved the forum to a subreddit instead and this allowed any attacks to be non-affective against such a large scale site. X-Ray_Dog suggested a new VPS, the same provider that the AC site was hosted on as they were being attacked as well. The site has since been stable and no more attacks have been lodged.


inFamous' recruitment is open and the process is still largely the same as when the clan started. The process is a standard practice among many clans, using a general question form, and a background check. Applicants are generally asked if they want to join in-game if seen to be well mannered and fun, or are known by clan members.

People are encouraged to apply on the forums, whether you are a new player, an old player, skilled or not. Generally we just ask a member to be:

  • Native English speakers
  • Respectful
  • Friendly
  • Not a toaster (They may enjoy toast)
  • Alcoholics (Optional)

You don't need to play all day everyday, but hopefully you want to join to chat and have fun with other players online. We love active IRC members.


  • DrauL
  • LeChiffre
  • D33p6
  • Vo
  • RiJaKr
  • kaBOOM
  • Bugboy1028
  • Oracle
  • Cactus
  • Hykario


  • inFamous was originally going to be called Clockwork Knights.
  • The clan was founded on ANZAC Day.
  • This is DrauL's second founded clan, and the third of which he is a leader.
  • LeChiffre is the only member not from Australia or North America.
  • Oracle went on a long hiatus to attend Harvard. he hang's around but does not play.
  • inFamous contains the most Australians in any one clan.

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